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Those stones ain't bad. I'd probably play them in Commander, in decks that have no access to green (since green has superior land fetchers and mana generators). And in Commander, them costing three mana, instad of two (such as many other mana rocks do) is not such a great loss, compared to being able to cycle them.

In case of doubt, I'd also take a darksteel ingot though. :) Or solemn simulacrum, or whatnot...
Posted By: majinara (4/27/2013 1:03:49 AM)


Simic is probably the guild least interested in the draw effect.
Posted By: Sleaw (4/26/2013 5:54:02 AM)


"Simic is probably the guild least interested in the draw effect."

Wow, seriously,with cards like Bred for the Hunt, Zameck Guildmage, and Fathom Mage? Yeah, totally, Simic TOTALLY isn't a guild that likes to draw cards. >_>
Posted By: Xinsden (5/1/2013 6:17:17 PM)


@majinara: If your deck doesn't have access to green, it doesn't have access to this card either.
Posted By: Mistralis (10/30/2013 5:36:23 PM)


That's not the only reason few people vandalize them (it's because they suck too much to vandalize)
Posted By: RAV0004 (4/24/2013 7:10:48 PM)


Yeah umm i'd rather have a Keyrune.
And less booster packs with 3 cluestones in it
Posted By: johnnyinabucket (5/5/2013 10:57:30 AM)


I could make a sandwich with how many of these come in a booster.
Posted By: Dragonshoredreamz (5/8/2013 6:44:02 PM)


Lets you mana ramp and fix early, then draw a card when your overflowed. But green should have better things to ramp/fix then artifact, so green is naturally the worst of any many rock cycle.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/12/2013 8:34:53 AM)


Xinsden, you're right, I but I understand what he's saying.

Since Simic has so many different means of drawing cards (like the ones you mentioned), they won't need the draw feature on this card as much as other colour combinations would. I think Selesnya is the weakest dual-colours for drawing cards.
Posted By: Ferlord (11/15/2013 8:41:57 AM)


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