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Admittedly, if they have multiple multi-color permanents, you're not QUITE as likely to get the effect you want. So, in the environments that will permit it (i.e. not Standard or Modern), perhaps add Heaven's Gate or Sway of Illusion? As long as they haven't gone silly with hexproof, shroud, and/or protection, their choice of sacrificables just got a lot narrower (and YOUR multicolors are suddenly nowhere to be seen by RtG).
Posted By: SkyknightXi (4/25/2013 2:45:52 PM)


Pretty good in Commander. Most people there play multicolored decks, so it can kill, for just two mana at instant speed, a few Commanders more often than not. Sometimes you can also use it, to kill pesky stuff such as Mirari's Wake.
Posted By: majinara (4/24/2013 1:18:09 PM)


Should have been uncommon imo.
Posted By: martianshark (4/23/2013 2:28:23 PM)


Ugh, stupid whiny Guildless with their lackluster cards.
Posted By: Totema (4/23/2013 6:14:49 PM)


This card is way better than people give it credit. This is prime board material with all the Geist of Saint Traft and Falkenrath Aristocrats running around in Standard.
Posted By: NuckChorris (6/7/2013 5:32:12 AM)


I was drunk when I wrote comments :P
Posted By: lorendorky (5/11/2013 2:08:58 AM)


WOW, literally everyone on Gatherer so far is underrating this card and missing all the cool things to say about it?!? o.O

OK, here is the list:

It is Innocent Blood in White, and it's better because it's hits more things. Everything you ever did with that can be done with this.

It is Defiler of Souls in White, and it's better because it hits faster.

It is Defiler of Souls crossed with Innocent Blood, in White, and every comment about Sacrificing that people ever made is relevant to this card. It's not difficult to abuse with Thopter Foundry. It's no Sword of the Meek, but if you wanted the very first non-creature multicolored permanent I thought about using, there's that.

It's also the Celestial Purge of Ravnica, because it's a 2-mana White card that Kills Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

I get that the restriction on it causes it to not be a 5-star card, but you are all talking... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/24/2013 3:59:57 PM)


Renounce the Guilds is a side deck card at best for standard. It is possible to face mono decks or decks with a lot of mono permanents in it. Plus this card can hurt you as well. Some positives are that it can take out any permanent and it does not target. 2.5/5.
Posted By: pandawolf56 (4/23/2013 4:39:30 PM)


Is a shock land a multicolored permanent?
Posted By: striker2a2112 (6/26/2013 12:28:37 PM)


Doesn't do nothing against geists
Posted By: significant_otter (4/24/2013 3:47:44 AM)


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