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I love that minotaurs are finally getting some lovin. Hopefully it will continue through Theros!
Posted By: Twilly05 (4/25/2013 9:29:21 AM)


I'd go with Pyromatics, since each copy would trigger separately.

But yeah, awesome for a control/burn deck as well as aggrieved decks, love it.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/23/2013 7:12:53 PM)


To me, this is one of the more exciting cards in Dragon's Maze. I feel like someone on the Dragon's Maze really liked Boros, or at least had a good time designing for it.
Posted By: L2i0n0k7 (4/23/2013 6:04:03 PM)


@grogian-yes, it works exactly like you think it does, every time the 2 coins aren't both heads, you will get 2 tokens.
Posted By: Ryjhan (4/23/2013 4:31:49 PM)


A sleeper hit for sure. Do not underestimate the ability to poop out multiple chumps at instant speed. Plus, this isn't merely a spell you cast, it's a spell you control. Copy away and enjoy your new army of battalion-enablers.
Posted By: Totema (4/23/2013 4:50:03 PM)


Wow! This is great. His stats are only a little under the curve, but that ability is sweet!
I mean, it makes you want to abuse it. But even if you don't it's still a neat thing to do. With this, combat tricks get trickier for your side, what's there NOT to love? :D
Posted By: Dabok (4/24/2013 1:02:20 PM)


" Blaze Commando’s ability triggers each time an instant or sorcery spell you control deals damage (or, put another way, the number of times the word “deals” appears in its instructions)"
@Fenix: Since overload cards just replace 'target' with 'each' this would still only deal damage once, just to all of their creatures.
@Magg811: It depends on how its worded. If its like Searing Blaze then it will deal 1/3 damage to a creature and player 'at the same time' and spit out two tokens. However if you use a card like Lash Out then it will deal 3 damage to a creature and then, if you win the clash, it will deal another 3 damage to a player, getting you 4 tokens.
Posted By: whiteshadw (4/27/2013 12:35:12 PM)


Sadly, according to the rulings, he doesn't give you two for each creature hit. so an overloaded electricery or a rain of blades only gives two tokens.. I think it would be much better if it did.
Posted By: NeedsMoreRed (5/28/2013 9:33:46 PM)


If this card works the way I think it does with Mana Clash, it could be a lot of fun in a casual deck.
Posted By: Grogian (4/23/2013 2:21:57 PM)


Wow, thats actually a pretty cool card. I like the flavor and it seems playable, if burns starts to get better then this could definately see play (except against other burn decks where the 3 toughness dooms it)
Posted By: omni8000 (4/23/2013 2:13:19 PM)


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