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Oddly enough the best effect to prevent blockers is part of a split card, Order//Chaos. This card, Incite Hysteria, Goblin War Cry, Panic Attack, and Demoralize don't hold a candle.
Posted By: marmaris74 (4/23/2013 6:42:17 PM)


Great art! The only thing that bugs me is that it doesn't feel red...I mean, the ability is spot-on red, but the art isn't something I'd associate for a red card.
The effect isn't that bad if you look at it in a certain light. I mean in this set, it's value isn't that impressive, but it can be pretty devastating outside of this block.
Posted By: Dabok (4/24/2013 11:26:19 AM)


A potential finisher against mono-colored decks, but with all the powerful multicolored creatures this really loses value. 2.2/5.
Posted By: Purplerooster (4/24/2013 1:08:03 PM)


Sadly, I feel they will never reprint the Chaos half of Order//Chaos without some kind of restriction. New Phyrexia saw Ruthless Invasion, M12's Tectonic Rift and Gruul Charm from the very last set were both riffs on Falter. I thoroughly appreciate these kinds of combat tricks as an aggressive red/green player because--in casual, especially--clogged board states can happen really easily with the wide variety of decks that see play. One of these effects at the right moment spells certain doom for my opponent, a decisive end to our game, and the freedom to move on with my life when my attackers would otherwise be stalled.

But yeah, printing this at the tail-end of a multi-colored block just seems silly.
Posted By: Avensai (5/1/2013 2:40:42 AM)


Amazing art, un-a-maze-ing card. Get it? Because it's a maze
Posted By: flavioal28 (4/23/2013 7:51:35 PM)


When I first saw this art, I was really excited to see the card it went to. The art is so neat. Sadly the card is just not that exciting.
Posted By: L2i0n0k7 (4/23/2013 6:01:08 PM)


I gave this a 5-star rating to bring it's average up to 2-stars. It's actually quite a passable card and I'd like to see it stay around 'slightly more than 2 stars' for a while.

It's very similar to Chaos, (ps that's how you autocard to a split card) and when you imagine this effect, I don't see it being used at Instant speed all that often. I mean, in multiplayer maybe, but in multiplayer you would be off with an Insurrection-effect. This is a cheaply costed card that you can very easily get use out of in Casual Duels if you try.

It's a lot like Doom Blade and Chaos is like Terminate. Doom Blade isn't bad just because Terminate is better, and it will work a lot of the time. If you want to stop blockers, this card is the most aesthetically pleasing one to me to do it. I'd almost wish it were White- it would make strange but 'it works' flavor sense if it were.
Posted By: DarthParallax (5/6/2013 12:30:46 AM)


awful for the guilds?
if it were an enchantment that prevents mono color creatures to block, that would have been rreally awe-full, i think
Posted By: chainsmoker (4/24/2013 12:31:17 AM)


Posted By: GlintKawk42 (4/26/2013 6:02:11 AM)


Terrible card; but I have an absolutely gorgeous foil version of it! It looks incredible with all ten guild symbols in the art given the same treatment as the guild watermarks you see on foils.
Posted By: TheChort (4/28/2013 9:33:53 PM)


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