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This will add so much to a good Battalion deck. Normally, you don't want to attack with a bunch of critters because they'll slaughter you on defense. Not anymore.
Posted By: marmaris74 (4/23/2013 7:14:25 PM)


Thought that was an ETB ability. Turns out it's an attack ability, so... Much better than I originally credited it.
Posted By: ThisisSakon (4/23/2013 3:34:27 PM)


One of the only 1/4's that is actually really, really nice in a battalion deck. The high toughness allows him to safely count towards the battalion count and the tap ability saves one of his allies indirectly.
Posted By: Purplerooster (4/24/2013 12:31:46 PM)


As others have said, this is good for a Boros battalion deck, helping get blockers out of the way.
Posted By: Powercat (4/24/2013 4:54:54 PM)


not sure if boros, azorius, or orzhov. the effect fits the flavor of any of them.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (4/27/2013 6:50:44 PM)


haazda deck?
Posted By: RAV0004 (4/24/2013 2:24:30 AM)


Can you pay W as many times as you'd like or just once per attack?
Posted By: Rasta_Viking29 (4/30/2013 10:39:27 PM)


So, I have this Detain deck in which I run Haazda Snare Squad and it works pretty well with the Detain theme of the deck. But with the release of 2014 came Master of Diversion and I was just wondering which most people think I should run. With HSS you have to pay W to tap while MoD is free. But I love HSS's 4 toughness. So I don't know which is better to use. Any opinions?
Posted By: beleren2012 (8/1/2013 10:41:17 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!