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Several old greats have been 'retooled' so to speak to fit in standard and modern in Dragon's Maze.

Pernicious Deed is one of the best board sweeps out there, without question. This will never take its place in our hearts or our decks.

But this has a place. And you can bet it's going to be played there.

"Not as strong as Pernicious Deed" is like saying "Not as strong as Superman."

And to be perfectly honest, I'm not going to complain about having to settle for Batman when Superman isn't around.
Posted By: Tybaltic (4/23/2013 8:50:39 PM)


The pros is that it can be casted with surprise factor, kills planeswalker, without the chance of being destroyed before activation like Deed would. The cons is that, for the same mana cost, Pernicious Deed could destroy bigger targets than Gaze the turn after it's in play.

Under normall circumstances I would still use deeds for cost reason alone. After all, you use Deeds and Gaze to do MASSIVE destruction, rarely just to kill one permanent. If I see a single permanent I hate like a planeswalker, Maelstrom Pulse could pinpoint just fine.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/23/2013 8:48:51 PM)


Oh HELLS yes.
It's about time RTR Block got a good nonWhite sweeper.
My BUG deck is elated,
and I imagine Junk Reanimator will appreciate being able to nuke everything except their huge threat.
Posted By: drpvfx (4/23/2013 4:49:11 PM)


A lot of hype, but I'm wondering if it will be as good in practice as it seems in theory. 4 mana is the magic number for a sweeper and this going to be a lot more than that, but this hits all nonland permanents..... Hopefully I'm just being skeptical for no reason, because this seems really cool.
Posted By: rollinsclone (4/24/2013 10:18:55 PM)


Pay 3 for Variable Colorless to kill a Wall of Granite enchanted with Granite Grip and Gift of Granite, and you win.
Posted By: Ferlord (4/23/2013 7:30:18 PM)


And then, because you're playing Black/Green, you recur this thing along with all your other stuff, or just use B/G's myriad regenerate effects like Golgari Charm. I'm glad to see some more potent removal available in this set.
Posted By: Nucleon (4/23/2013 4:42:31 PM)


Let's get this strait. This is definitely not a Deed. This can easily get countered, but with Deed, you can cast it and let it sit around until you need it.

However, this is easily a Golgari wrath with BBG: Destroy all creature tokens. Good synergy in a Blood Artist deck.

Well designed, 4.5/5
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (4/24/2013 10:26:18 PM)


Guys and gals, Pernicious Deed is WAY too powerful for NWO to be printed again. This card is totally awesome and calls for a different kind of control deck.
Posted By: lorendorky (4/24/2013 4:16:20 PM)


@All the people saying this is better than Punishment: No.

This is certainly a better sweeper than Punishment when you need to clear a board. It hits more permanent types than Punishment, hits a variety of casting costs, and all in all sends more stuff to the graveyard. However, there's a reason that I'm running Punishment in my EDH deck and not Gaze of the Gorgon: Punishment lets you dodge the effect much more than you can dodge this. For example, in an EDH game I was in recently, I had a board of a Lord of Extinction with a Batterskull on it facing down 8 Giant Adephages with an Akroma's Memorial on one side, and a Platinum Angel on a third side. In that situation, Punishment >> Gaze of the Gorgon. I wiped all of the giant bugs out, ended the Memorial that was cramping my Lord's style and was able to swing in to recover all the life I lost to the bugs. With Gaze of Granite, I wou... (see all)
Posted By: SomeGuy007 (4/28/2013 10:12:49 PM)


Pernicious Deed is a classic. It's only fitting that they upgrade it to take out planeswalkers.
Posted By: Jupenator (4/23/2013 3:55:04 PM)


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