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I'm pretty sure this card's art is the follow up to Assassin's Strike. That is definitely the exact same Selesnyan.
Posted By: Taudisban (4/23/2013 5:21:30 PM)


I'm digging all these value mill cards which you'd almost be playing already;

Pilfered Plans > Divination
Psychic Strike > Cancel

Throw in some Thought Scour, Dimir Charm, Grisly Spectacle... All of which are the perfect lead-in for Consuming Aberration. Add some other solid creatures (Vampire Nighthawk? Desecration Demon?) and clone effects for making additional aberrations (or nighthawks, etc. in a pinch) and you can make a deck that can seamlessly alternate its win condition from death by mill to death by beatdown!

Pilfered Plans in particular seems like a nice card to curve into Consuming Aberration; draw into the aberration/mana you need to cast it, and get a stack going in your opponents graveyard.
Posted By: TheChort (4/25/2013 3:49:43 AM)


The mill is unimpressive but the card draw is not. Hmm.
Posted By: Totema (4/23/2013 4:55:27 PM)


A Divination with a nice little bonus if you're playing mill.
Posted By: martianshark (4/23/2013 2:21:25 PM)


Between this card and Psychic Strike, UB Mill/Control is finally starting to get some edge over the typical Monoblue builds. Although I can't see it keeping up with the sheer efficiency of a WB Control deck, this certainly gives those decks a reason to look into going Esper.

Having this card, Psychic Strike, and Nephalia Drownyard in a Control build allows you to mill out your opponent without really deviating from the Control strategy you had in the first place. I mean... you were probably going to be using some Cancel or Divination type effects anyways, right?

I love how splashing a second colour can upgrade an already-solid card like this. Certainly not core-set material, but a wonderful way to give a plane like Ravnica some personalized flavour.
Posted By: Ataraxiom (7/26/2013 8:09:32 PM)


How to design a Dimir card:

1) Take an iconic blue card, in this case, Divination.
2) Add {B} to the mana cost.
3) Add "mill 2."

And you're done! See also: Psychic Strike.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (4/24/2013 10:28:19 AM)


Classic terrible Magic art. Cool card.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (4/23/2013 10:17:03 PM)


I've always liked cards like this.
This is sort of like blightning in that you get a little extra effect to your mind rot or, in this case, divination at the cost of being somewhat more difficult to cast. The difference is that in this case, the extra effect is actually little... rather than absurd.
Posted By: DeviousPie (4/24/2013 5:38:44 PM)


So it's pretty much thought scour with some extra mana cost?
Posted By: brotenkopf72 (4/25/2013 3:08:32 PM)


You guys do know that you can still target yourself for the mill, right? So yeah, I see it more like the lovechild of Divination and Mental Note. And it's beautiful.
Posted By: Ritokure (4/26/2013 3:10:55 PM)