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I prefer Smallpox because you can cast it earlier and regain the only land you sac with Flagstones of Trokair. I haven't tested this card out yet, though, so maybe now's the time to start.

@ Totema: X-Pox
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (6/4/2013 10:03:22 PM)


If your going to kill yourself, make sure you do it while screwing over the rest of your multiplayer group as hard as possible.

Welcome back, mighty and terrible X-Pox.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (6/6/2013 2:41:07 AM)


I want to play with with X = 1 and call it the Xpox One.
Posted By: Nucleon (6/11/2013 5:54:08 PM)


Posted By: Totema (6/4/2013 6:38:06 PM)


Damnation is nice, but pretty Vanilla.
Black Sun's Zenith is AWESOME (kills what can't be Damned!), but it doesn't actually hurt you very much-- which puts a cap on how much it can hurt your opponent.

Death Cloud is when Mind Twist, Black Sun's Zenith, Balance, Smallpox, and Necropotence all get together and make a Horrible Bastard Demon Child. It's NOT very Spike, and it's not even that Johnniable.

IT IS the PERFECT example of a Non-Creature Timmy Card: RUIN ALL THE THINGS!!! :O
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/5/2013 1:05:06 PM)


Relevant if Death Cloud Rock ever becomes a viable Modern deck. Otherwise, k.
Posted By: Doaj (6/4/2013 5:32:44 PM)


It is johnniable. With Glissa, the Traitor, you can get back a bunch of artifact lands or other things. It doesn't hit planeswalkers so if you make a black heavy super friends deck, it can be a really strong win condition leaving everyone with nothing to stop you (no hand, not creatures, no mana).

This card is really powerful, but has to be in the right deck. I don't think it belongs in modern masters though. 4.5/5
Posted By: SAUS3 (6/7/2013 10:26:15 AM)


X-Pox... Black and green too.
Posted By: Cyberium (6/13/2013 1:58:51 PM)


If only it where {X}{B}. Scalable Smallpox would be the shit.
Posted By: MRK1 (6/26/2013 12:06:21 PM)


Absolutely brutal.

Run next to Nihilith, and Korlash. Korlash for fast mana and board advantage, creatures like bloodghast, undying or persist creatures, gravecrawler, etc.., nihilith to dodge the carnage and come out to beat your opponent down.

Casting this turn 5 with accel or turn 6 without it is effective. If you use mana artifacts this can also be powered out thusly, giving you mana when your opponent does not have it (similar to Mana Vortex and Winter Orb)
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/9/2013 10:43:35 AM)