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I feel like another aspect Wiards had in mind when designing Modern Masters was doing Pauper players a favor.
There are lots of interesting former Uncommons that have been turned into Commons for this set.
Posted By: Mode (6/11/2013 4:45:21 PM)


I think that man's head has suffered a severe case of Fruit Ninja Syndrome.
Posted By: Splizer (7/30/2013 5:36:34 PM)


Do note that you can cast this without controlling any permanents, as the permanent is sacrificed on resolution and not as a cost. I don't know when that would ever come up, but it's there.
Posted By: Continue (9/14/2013 1:00:29 PM)


@Continue: This situation could happen while using a black lotus, or lotus bloom.
Posted By: JohnnyBaco (11/12/2013 7:42:02 PM)


Works well with Ichor Wellspring in Pauper...
Posted By: tcollins (4/26/2014 11:38:27 AM)


This new art is so great! And reprinted at common too.
Posted By: TKwhopper (6/4/2013 5:54:35 PM)


The new art is bizarre and makes no sense and no longer fits with the flavor text at all.
"Careful with the research or your head will be filled with water!"
Posted By: Atali (6/6/2013 11:14:00 AM)


That is disgusting.

It's also awesome.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/3/2013 2:01:58 PM)


Ah I get this card now. Instant speed makes it an altar's reap for any permanent. Pretty broken counter to removal. And its not really fitting the flavor of blue.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (9/6/2013 12:27:27 PM)


The artwork brings a new meaning with the phrase "go soak your fat head".
Posted By: lilwolf2005 (12/20/2013 4:12:57 PM)