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I actually wish Wizards would let us give several separate ratings to cards, since people use different criteria.

It would be cool if each card had a separate meter for Power, Fun (or Balance), and Flavor. That way cards like Vial, Baneslayer, Jace and Mishra's Workshop could be super-high on power and rated horribly on balance/fun, and cards like Nicol Bolas and Form of the Dragon could be perfect on fun or flavor, and the true greatest cards would have to deliver in all three areas, like Isochron Scepter.

I think everyone would be happier that way.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (6/8/2013 2:57:52 AM)


@TheWanderingBlade1 and @DavidBradbury
A ton of people both play the game for fun AND treat it as a source of investment. CCG: COLLECTIBLE card GAME. The collectible part isn't in there for nothing David, how do you think all these hobby stores make their money? Like all collectables though, it is subject to the market and availability. No investment is a sure thing Wandering Blade. Plus, last I checked these are still going for about $20 a piece, which is pretty good.
And David ~ Don't act like you aren't stoked to see a Voice of Resurgence even if G/W aren't your favorite colors. We are all fond of the fact that we can open a booster pack and get more than what we paid for because the trade value is still there in spades.
Posted By: Phelplan (3/10/2014 12:28:15 PM)


You're back Aether Vial! And you're a Rare? There IS justice!

Excellent reprint with the FtV art. Not saying it's better, but it's nice that we now have a choice non-foil.
Posted By: Ferlord (6/5/2013 11:48:56 AM)


First it was uncommon, then it was mythic, and now it's rare? What is this madness?
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (6/4/2013 3:25:19 PM)


"First it was uncommon, then it was mythic, and now it's rare? What is this madness?" --Trygon_Predator

True madness would be to get this as a Common. In the next Core Set.
Posted By: Mode (6/11/2013 3:05:29 PM)


Hah! I prefer the old artwork, but I certainly enjoy seeing the newer artwork become available outisde of foil.
Posted By: Doaj (6/4/2013 4:55:03 PM)


so next is a common then? :p
Posted By: chainsmoker (6/5/2013 12:14:46 AM)


@TheWanderingBlade1 - I like the part where you treat a card game as an actual means of investment. Like, you seriously deserve to lose money if you treat a game or hobby as an investment.

Æther Vial, you're a hero. You're a one mana investment that grows with the rest of the game, or if you decide to build a deck specifically with a CMC in mind, you help push out more guys so I can do other things with my mana. Great card.
Posted By: DavidBradbury (6/23/2013 3:25:53 PM)


From the Vault Reprints are always Mythics. Kokusho is a Mythic now. On a scale of 1-5, 1 and 2 being "Rare", 4 and 5 being "Mythic", Kokusho is about a 3.5 to me if you are playing with all the bannings and rules changes in place. Sure, when you combo 4 of them to kill someone outright, I guess that's pretty Mythic. I don't think you're allowed to do that anywhere where it's relevant, though.

Demonic Tutor would be a Mythic Rare if was in From the Vault. If it was reprinted somewhere else, it would probably be a Rare, though.
Aethervial is VERY comparable to Tinker and Demonic Tutor.
They're all broken-in-a-million pieces uncommons that could be either Mythics or Rares, depending on if you are talking Draft or Constructed.

Aethervial and Arcbound Ravager aren't Mythics because WOTC thought it would be more fun this way, with a Mythic Ryusei and Jugan and Rare Crazy Awesome Stuff. I am inclined to a... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/5/2013 8:44:20 AM)


Finally a chance to obtain a playset of these. Well deserved reprint, can be used in a variety of constructed decks, and possible shenigans in limited too.
Posted By: Nikeyeia (6/5/2013 7:00:35 AM)