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It's a decent choice.
And i mean this both in regards of the players as well as Wizards:
It's a nice inclusion in Modern Masters, and it's a nice pick in draft.

(Modern Masters Alternate Card Inclusion Rant)
However, if there's one little thing i missed in Modern Masters, it would have been Myr Servitor.

I'd have prefered Myr Servitor over him because he already got a reprint recently with an up-to-date Oracle in the Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Duel Deck. Of course that alone wouldn't justify that idea.
Also there's an Arcbound subtheme going on in MM, so they couldn't simply drop the little one(/one) either way.

The Myr wouldn't be as useful as this guy in draft, but still a good choice simply for being a colorless one-drop after all.
Also i'm talking as if including the Myr automatically meant excluding the Worker. There would probably have been some way to cram it in otherwise.

Admittedly the Myr isn't a no... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (6/12/2013 2:31:56 PM)


Whaaaa..? Have you ever played against a modular deck? How about one where the arcbound creatures usually only go down on their owner's terms, due to indestructibility with Darksteel Forge and sac'ing to things like Throne of Geth and Arcbound Ravager? And are missing the part where when they die all of their power and toughness go to another creature of your choice? And while you're right, it's not the best in a deck where you have no other artifact creatures that's like saying Llanowar Elves is useless unless you have Green in your deck. Sorry that this common card isn't a Sol Ring level auto include in every deck, but honestly, I prefer it that way. /rant
Posted By: Uberslapper (7/24/2013 3:11:03 AM)


One drop in any color. These will get drafted quickly. Plays especially well if you're lucky enough to pull any of the other artifact creatures, which there are quite a few of.
Posted By: Doaj (6/4/2013 4:57:17 PM)


A 1/1 with no abilities isn't even worth a card. Playing this without being heavy in artifact creatures would just be bad. Sorry dudes, learn to limited.
Posted By: metalevolence (7/20/2013 1:47:37 AM)


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