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Damn, this must look darn sexy in foil
Posted By: flavioal28 (6/4/2013 5:36:26 PM)


Fun Fact: Yare-Tiva is mentioned in one other flavor text, and that is Birds of Paradise.
Posted By: marmaris74 (6/5/2013 12:03:11 PM)


So glad they put this at uncommon. Can you imagine the draft shitstorm if it were still common?
Posted By: Continue (6/15/2013 11:25:59 AM)


See, this is my issue:
I know I'm going to open a foil of this and a Dark Confidant in the same Limited pack.
I'll have to buy a foil of this, I think.
Posted By: infernox10 (6/6/2013 1:14:05 AM)


Wow, they replaced one of the funniest flavor texts with the most generic one this side of Graxiplon.
Posted By: kajillion (6/27/2013 10:06:29 PM)


One neat trick is using this to cast mana leak. They see 2 forests and think no counters, gg.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/17/2013 3:43:34 AM)


I'm already missing the old flavortext about the boggart eating the mana.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (6/4/2013 3:29:56 PM)


Be careful of holding onto the fire, or this might happen to you.
Posted By: Nikeyeia (6/5/2013 6:54:58 AM)


Hands down best Gruul card of all time 5/5
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (6/6/2013 11:16:39 PM)


The secret is out. Shit.

Cantripping universal mana-fixers Are better than amazing. Consider this in Simic, Azorius, or Dimir colors...It'd be snapped in half.

As it is, for Gruul this card changes fortunes, then answers prayers. Drawing one is never a problem, because it replenishes itself in totality.
Posted By: Psychrates (6/26/2013 11:56:11 AM)