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Another tutor for Battle of Wits.
Posted By: Purplerooster (7/9/2013 6:25:05 PM)


Reminds me of the Ring of Ma'rûf.
Posted By: Tiggurix (7/10/2013 2:19:04 PM)


You can turn this into a creature with March of the Machines and then swap wish counters around with Djinn of Wishes and Fate Transfer. Not that I can see that ever being practical.
Posted By: Nucleon (7/10/2013 3:08:20 PM)


This is far from a staple for EDH. REALLY far. To use this the turn you play it, it costs TEN mana. You could cast storm herd and win the game the next turn, or even on that turn.

Combo decks in EDH are strong, but this card will not really help them. There are WAY better tutors in the colours of your deck. This will maybe help mono-red and stuff like that since they can use it, but it's still extremely slow.
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/12/2013 10:55:15 AM)


This card works wonders in my Vorel of the Hull Clade EDH deck.

Things with proliferate (Thrummingbird, Contagion Clasp, and Inexorable Tide are my favorite grabs) keep the counters going on it. And, of course, if I can't keep the counters going, Vorel will at least get me one counter back per turn so long as I keep one on it.

Planar Portal is probably better considering you don't need all the counter managing crap to use it effectively. But if your deck is like mine, you'll be proliferating inevitably. That extra mana after using it could be just what you need. I know it's saved me before. Also, there's a chance you'll only need three cards to win anyways.

And remember, these are wish counters, not charge counters.
Posted By: Silverosx (7/31/2013 8:50:11 PM)


Solution: Wish for a lumimagus.
Posted By: armogohma (8/2/2013 11:53:46 PM)


Good for EDH decks which colors lack tutors.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (1/28/2014 7:31:41 PM)


Wish 1: I wish that they had made this cheaper.

Posted By: Sabisent (7/9/2013 1:48:01 PM)


This is most likely a reference to one of the best items in the Dungeon & Dragons universe : "THE" Three Wishes Ring. Every D&D veterans will try to get that ring at some point in their game unless their DM says no. 5/5 from me just for the fact that I am a D&D fan.
Posted By: Zixe (7/12/2013 1:37:41 PM)


Costly, but freaking awesome in Karn EDH. Reusable tutor that's also a 5/5 body? Yes, please.
Posted By: WolfWhoWalks (7/12/2013 2:32:29 PM)


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