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You serious? They are trying to slow the game down anyway. Baneslayer angel is way too strong.

This card has really awesome design. the art is also amazing.
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/23/2013 11:37:20 AM)


Sword in one hand, Whip of Erebos in the other! GG
Posted By: JamestheJusticiar (9/26/2013 6:17:18 AM)


As soon as this card was spoiled I ordered 4 for my Soul Sisters casual deck, if I were to have 2-3 soul warden/attendants in play and I were to drop an Archangel of thune essentially AoT would enter the battlefield gaining you 3 life but granting 3 +1/+1 counters to your army. and having that effect continue for every creature played after the fact makes you an impossible force to race.

One card that cracks this combo wide open without going infinite(-ly lame)? Storm Herd. If you had say 1 AoT and 1 Soul Warden and 20 life (Yeah right, LIFEGAIN!) you would receive 20 21/21 flying pegasus tokens and doubling your life. storm herd being 10 mana essentially would divide the cost as 5 mana for a Beacon of Immortality, and 5 mana for 20 21/21 flying tokens. And that's this combo at it's most tame.
Posted By: Osprey_93 (12/22/2013 2:04:34 AM)


Expect to see this card in Standard a lot more in the near future. Born of the Gods is pushing token generation even more, and White Weenie is a strong top-8 contender already. Hopeful Eidolon (1/1 Lifelink for W, Bestow of 3W) is amazing synergy with the archangel. You also have the new Oreskos Sun Guide which will net you 2 Life when it untaps.
Posted By: Technetium (1/23/2014 11:25:12 AM)


She's right. The wicked do, in fact, have Nightmares.
Posted By: Thornhillforge (7/10/2013 4:17:59 PM)


This will work so well in an Extort deck! It's like a super Ajani's Pridemate
Posted By: WishResign (7/9/2013 5:44:49 PM)


Spike Feeder.

That's all. A two card, hard to disrupt infinite life combo. Ba-bahm.
Posted By: JSSarfin (7/9/2013 1:42:22 PM)


When she's not busy fighting and defending the weak against demonic hordes, she relaxes with a Chalice of Life...
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/9/2013 7:03:47 PM)


Probably obvious, but Soul Warden plus things like Gather the Townsfolk. Each creature coming into play procs a different life gain effect, meaning for two mana, you're getting two 1/1 creatures, and a permanent +2/+2 on everything you own.

@ about70hobos Yes, each instance of Extort is a different life gain effect.
Posted By: Pendulous (7/10/2013 12:14:40 AM)


Now, all of your creatures can be an Ajani's Pridemate!
Posted By: Tiggurix (7/9/2013 3:55:30 PM)


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