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I like how her 0 ability is officially in red's wheelhouse now, according to Maro's article on Monday. Whatever the case, Chandra's more playable than ever, but I'm still not sure she's going to either power or create her own archetype the way some recent planeswalkers have (specifically Domri Rade and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.
Posted By: Avensai (7/9/2013 4:48:32 PM)


Wow. The best chandra wizards has ever done. Makes me want to play a red deck with this and some Dragon Eggs.
Posted By: Sticksandstones (7/9/2013 3:25:15 PM)


Sweet, now that guy whose cosplay went viral finally gets a chance to shout "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!" for the ultimate crossover win.

...it's almost too bad I have never gotten all the way to seven counters in playtest matches, but saying "it turns out the first two abilities are so good, I hardly ever get to use the third ability" is probably the best conceivable complaint to have about a planeswalker. And while Lava Axe! Lava Axe! Lava Axe! for 15 was just a hilarious thing to get lucky and do at a pre-release, I can think of some constructed-playable ways to power out 12 damage...

Yep. Finally. Looks like it's time to break out the Goblin Guides and those awesome-new-art Countryside Crushers, dust off the ol' Fireblast playset, and go melt me some Legacy face. +1'ing Emrakul and swinging in for the win is going to feel amazing. And if I ever actually get a triple Fireblast off, I will die... (see all)
Posted By: Salient (7/15/2013 6:29:23 PM)


Going to be so fun! A great +1 (not stupidly OP, but far from useless), NO 'minus', her 0 gives extra access to the deck (and a few cute cards give you access to the ones you couldn't play), and her ult... >_< I SO can't wait to hit, oh, ANYTHING with that! Whatever it is, it'll do something awesome, times 3! Want a massive army (80+)? No problem. Want to hammer out big damage? No biggie. Want to Wish for a bunch of nice stuff? It's yours.

I don't play the small style that's used in tourneys (Small, fast, short, and boring). I play big, long, and epic decks. Sure, they don't win every time, but when they do, it's worth it.

Don't bash her just because she doesn't fit into your tiny little niche playing (Really? "A non-broken Planeswalker is worth nothing!" and "Red should only do damage, and lots of it, fast and cheap, no matter what" is seriously getting annoying. Let it do more!).
She's awesome, just for a different style.
Posted By: JarieSuicune (7/18/2013 6:55:42 PM)


I pretty much think that all of the Chandra's out there are pretty mediocre; this one, however, strikes me as more than usable.

Her +1 is great in any aggro deck. One damage to a player is not a whole lot, but the potential to ping a pesky creature (Young Pyromancer, Elvish Mystic, etc.) or make one of your opponents big fatties unable to block is invaluable.

Her 0 is particularly useful in just about any deck where you need an extra card. Sure, you might screw yourself over if you can't cast it, but in burn and aggro, the cost shouldn't be any more than Chandra.

Her -7 is a little underwhelming but I'm sure a few games will be won when copying Searing Spear three times over. And in burn you can almost secure the victory with this.

Overall the best Chandra, and I would be happy to throw two of these and something else to replace the four-drop slot in my RDW when Hellrider rotates out. Even if she dies the turn after y... (see all)
Posted By: TheWaddleDeeKing (8/28/2013 9:14:56 PM)


Has anyone here actually used her? Cause I have, and she rocks. She's in my modern R/W/B deck and she actually gives me an edge when she drops; either clearing the way for my guys to attack, or giving me more options. Who cares if her second ability is 'use it or lose it', in the right deck you'll usually be using it. She really helps my deck to win. She's not a board changer, but rather a great utility card, like Sorin, LoI (who is also in the deck).
Posted By: beatmick (8/29/2013 10:20:03 PM)


For being the figurehead character of the set, I was hoping her new card would look cooler. I'm mainly disappointed in the art, as the card itself looks like a lot of fun.
I like how Chandra's +1 ability has continued to become less lame with each incarnation- Ablaze excluded- starting with just 1 to target player; then 1 to target creature or player; and now 1 to target creature AND player... oh and the creature can't block, too. And that 0-ability is just so sweet for red.
I liked Chandra, the Firebrand's ability to copy spells, and I'm glad to see that seems to be her new schtick.
Probably the funnest of the Chandras, but I just wish the art was a little more dynamic to round out the coolness of the card.
Posted By: Raexs (7/13/2013 11:23:01 AM)


Which would be more entertaining: seeing someone whiff on this ultimate, or on Ral Zarek's?
Posted By: AzureAngel17 (7/9/2013 4:48:40 PM)


Despite what some people are saying, this is about as close to straight card advantage as red is ever going to get. And this does basically say "draw a card" in a lot of red decks. She's great, but I'm not sure how well her abilities will fit into existing decks. Though she's definitely good enough that decks will be created around her. I'm really excited to see where she goes.
Posted By: rollinsclone (7/13/2013 4:20:46 PM)


In EDH she goes rather well with Melek more than any other Chandra.
Like all planeswalkers she diverts attacks, her +1 boosts burn, her 0 takes away lands and other Permanents Melek may have shown you, and her -7 has obvious potential with a spell heavy deck.
Posted By: master_biomancer (7/9/2013 4:50:35 PM)


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