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Bonesplitter Sliver is a little better I think, but he's not bad.
I'm a little bothered we didn't get any awesome sliver abilities like the one on Telekinetic Sliver, but eh, that doesn't follow the current formulae of "Vanilla creature plus new keyword"
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/10/2013 6:22:28 AM)


Nice curve topper for aggressive sliver decks, works especially well with Striking Sliver.
Posted By: Purplerooster (7/10/2013 10:01:08 PM)


Well, it's a worse version of bonesplitter sliver. It's worse because it's ability of +2/+0 is far more important than the +1/+1 that you get for paying more mana and thus slowing everything down.
Posted By: majinara (7/17/2013 2:40:38 AM)


Remember when Slivers looked like Slivers? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/14/2013 1:07:47 AM)


Bonesplitter Sliver is back. And it's evolved to only serve its hive. While an additional 1 compared to its predecessor might seem odd, the extra +1/+1 body and one-sided buff is the answer. The effect is pretty basic, but can add that extra punch a sliver hive needs to tumble its prey.

I can understand people's frustration with the new artistry used for slivers, but Slawomir Maniak did a wonderful job with this one. The dynamic direction the image gives is absolutely energetic. Dust and debris is being thrown on all sides to show sudden movement and the addition of predatory appendages.

I somewhat agree that the visual evolution of slivers was too sudden and too drastic, but I'll still be adding one to my EDH deck. :P Here's hoping for the evolution of Allies, next!
Posted By: FelixCarter (7/11/2013 11:35:27 PM)


That drawback (slivers vs slivers) was a stupid one. I don't mind that they took away that stupid matchup. However, I do agree that the choice to make them human-like was a big mistake. They just look stupid now and it completely ruins the way I imagine slivers. It'll be particularly stupid in EDH or if slivers somehow make it into modern since mixing the slivers will just look plain stupid.
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/11/2013 8:55:36 AM)


I really, really don't understand the hate for the new slivers.

Ok, well I do understand people didn't like the new art direction the slivers took, but that doesn't mean this thing deserves the rating it has. Even just one of these with the first strike or double strike sliver will wreck combat. More than one? Hope you said your prayers, buddy
Posted By: ThisisSakon (7/9/2013 10:51:47 PM)


They 'humanized' Slivers too much, removed the drawback for playing them (slivers vs slivers), and the artwork for older slivers are far more appealing.

For this card itself, there are better and cheaper slivers for similar effects and better cards to fit in the 5cc slot. This cards only spot is in limited. 1/5*
Posted By: Battleguild (7/9/2013 6:28:35 PM)


"Remember when Slivers looked like Slivers?"
Remember when "Slivers keep adapting", thus Slivers keep adapting. (Oh my, an old idea continuing?! Shocking, I know. Maybe Wizards DOES come up with ideas...?! Whatever shall bashers bash next now? )

Now, they're not so stupid as to power their enemy-controlled Slivers, they look awesome, and are still gonna pound hurt into opponent's faces.
Posted By: JarieSuicune (7/18/2013 7:51:08 PM)


Finally someone who likes the new slivers. They deserve a much higher rating than what they are getting. I think I understand the new art. It shows how the slivers are able to adapt to ensure their survivability and to protect themselves.
Posted By: ServentofTheNight (7/14/2013 4:33:54 PM)


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