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I always thought this card was awesome. Then I realized it's outdone by so many others. Dimir Cutpurse, Shadowmage Infiltrator, and Cold-Eyed Selkie just do it better
Posted By: Pendulous (7/9/2013 4:33:27 PM)


Nice little budget card that can provide some card advantage after a few swings. Combine with things like unsummon to remove blockers.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/11/2013 5:41:46 PM)


@Gruffaloes, I wouldn't go so far as saying Ophidian is worse than this, but only because of the almighty Fog. Ophidian will draw even when fogged since it doesn't need to deal damage
Another situation where Ophidian is better is if your opponent plays something like Disfigure, again Ophidian will still draw.

Both cards suck anyway unless you have a very reliable way of making your creatures unblockable. But instead of using two cards for that, I'd go the other way around and use a creature already unblockable and give it Scroll Thief's ability, for example, enchanting invisible stalker with Curiosity with the added bonus of the creature being hexproof
Posted By: Kariuko (12/31/2013 3:47:26 PM)


For me it ends up being blocked unless my opponent has no creatures. Try Thieving Magpie
Posted By: GorillaWarfare (7/18/2013 10:14:59 AM)


I'm not sure how this is rated 0.4 stars lower than Ophidian when this has tribal support and can deal damage while drawing a card, even having synergy with double strike that Ophidian lacks.
Posted By: Bangyourmash (8/9/2013 1:08:08 PM)


Will I draw 2 cards if it has double strike? Fireshrieker
Posted By: ScrnNmeAlrdyInUse (9/21/2013 10:59:04 PM)



Yes. It triggers twice with double strike. Its two seperate blows.

An people, the reason that Ophidian has a higher rating than this is not that its a better card on the field. Its just so gorgeous dont you think? Much more elegant than this.
But yes, this is strictly better, no denying that.
Posted By: Gruffaloes (12/5/2013 3:50:20 PM)


This is excellent with Aqueous Form. It solves the blocking problem, and you get to scry before you draw as well.
Posted By: BorosGreengrocer (2/18/2014 3:36:35 AM)


If your opponent is using those cards to stop you from drawing a card, it has already done its job - you gain 1 card advantage (through your opponent losing a card).

The thing I like about this kind of card is that it puts a lot of pressure on your opponent even if it doesn't do much damage. You swing in with your 1/3 and they pretty much HAVE to block or kill it. In an even match, just 1 or 2 hits from this thing and the game will be over.

That's not to say this card is super good or anything, but I think it is a really nice power for being just a common.

It's real problem is just being a bit slow - a 1/3 with no haste or evasion or anything. I think accompanying it with a ton of removal is a good way to get this kind of card to work well. You can use removal to clear the way, and use its draw effect to reload.
Posted By: SAUS3 (3/26/2014 11:51:55 AM)