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An exciting variant of the 'barbs.
Posted By: Goatllama (7/9/2013 8:07:36 PM)


I think this will see a fair bit of play in standard considering that the shocklands are running around. Especially for these 2-3 months before Theros comes out and we still have the M13 and Innistrad check-lands too.
Posted By: Flyheight (7/9/2013 4:50:02 PM)


And the Shockland hate arrived!
Posted By: Sonserf369 (7/9/2013 9:06:53 PM)


Just how good is a one-sided Manabarbs?

I already made RDW with Mutavaults and three of these maindeck.
Posted By: sweetgab (7/10/2013 8:26:05 PM)


The Blood Moon of standard. (Obviously not as powerful.) Unfortunately it hasn't affected the number of basic lands run by standard decks by much so far.
Posted By: absreim (8/4/2013 7:58:33 PM)


Between this and Chandra 4.0, RDW is guna make a comeback for Inn-M14, and it shall be glorious...

3/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (7/9/2013 6:10:48 PM)


Even hates on Gates.
Posted By: TowerDefender (7/10/2013 3:09:13 AM)


Nonbasic Manabarbs. Interesting sideboard hate.
Despite the high cost, this can add up a lot of damage very fast against decks that mostly rely on nonbasics.
Then again, that doesn't happen too often in Standard, and it's probably too slow for eternal formats.

It should be hilarious in EDH, though.
And punishes your friends for using Command Tower in their mono-colored deck.
Posted By: Mode (7/13/2013 10:10:44 AM)


Given how good the mana is for the next few months with both shocklands and buddy lands, this is going to be a powerful sideboard option for aggressive red decks for a while.
Posted By: Gear61 (7/15/2013 10:29:36 AM)


Sideboard hate? Id say 4 out of 5 top-tier decks run no more than 4 basics. Many dont run any basics at all. If anything, this is more like "sideboard out against mono-red"
Posted By: realitant (8/5/2013 10:58:06 AM)


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