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Bruse... just let it go, man. I know you lost your house, but you can't keep blaming it on the Ox.
Posted By: Ferlord (7/9/2013 9:41:24 PM)


I hope we get a new insult every core set. Even though the card is mediocre at best.
Posted By: DaLucaray (7/9/2013 4:26:08 PM)


"Old, immobile clod"? Got that right. Really though, I can tolerate a new print of this every year if there's a new rant on it each time.
Posted By: Totema (7/9/2013 5:22:48 PM)


Aww yeah! The OX is back! The OX WHO WRECKS FIELDS OF PILLARS!
Posted By: Tiggurix (7/11/2013 12:16:17 AM)


I want to see a Bruse Tarl legendary creature now... M15?
Posted By: Sabisent (7/10/2013 6:47:50 AM)


"I want to see a Bruse Tarl legendary creature now... M15?"

Haha yeah. Make him a really powerful mythic too, so that we will always wonder how a measly ox managed to piss him off.
Posted By: Xycolian (7/21/2013 7:09:31 PM)


Bruse Tarl really hates oxen.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/9/2013 7:55:26 PM)


Ugh I'll probably get like 7 of these damn things at the pre-release. I'm totally with Bruse.
Posted By: Captain_Sisay_2591 (7/11/2013 4:09:12 AM)


Next, on the DeVanilla project, where we take overcosted vanilla cards, and inspire them with unique mechanics.

For Pillarfield Ox, I'd give:
Whenever Pillarfield Ox attacks, if it's equipped, you may untap target Plains and gain one life.
Posted By: Vogie (8/17/2013 7:08:39 AM)


This and siege mastodon carried me to a sealed pool win.

Still this card gets a .5/5 for being vanilla filler crap.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/30/2013 3:14:16 AM)