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Solid little card for core set. Vines of Vastwood was really to powerful.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/10/2013 5:33:14 AM)


Happy to see this reprinted. It had its uses before and it will again. Combines nicely with Primeval Bounty to give 3x +1/+1 counters just for giving a creature +1/+1 and Hexproof.
Posted By: Vakyoom (7/13/2013 7:44:07 AM)


The reason I might give this card a slot over something that grants long-term hexproof is because it allows you to bait your opponent into actually wasting their nasty removal spell. The ability to knock away a burn or -1/-1 spell early before sending out your other non-hexproof creatures is a handy bonus for just one mana.
Posted By: mrchuckmorris (7/23/2013 2:38:22 AM)


Counter's removal for one green in limited. No one sees it coming.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (8/22/2013 7:18:00 PM)


This card just got a whole lot better now that Fabled Hero's been spoiled.
Posted By: corkscrew (9/12/2013 12:23:17 AM)


I didn't expect to see this card in a core set. Thinking it over, I don't see why I didn't. This card is pretty much perfect as a core set alternative to Giant Growth, with its generic name and mechanics. I'm glad to have it here, as it's a pretty good draft card!
Posted By: Tiggurix (7/13/2013 8:10:01 AM)


All-in green / Gruul!
Posted By: sweetgab (7/16/2013 9:27:57 PM)


A must have if you want big nasties to stick around long enough to swing in standard. The +1/+1 instant makes it somewhat useable as a combat trick vs decks without removal.
Posted By: Trustey (11/21/2013 6:01:35 AM)


One-mana green counterspell. YES.
Posted By: Continue (11/25/2013 12:15:31 PM)


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