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In the right deck (and against a deck with no flying, which is common today) this says when it attacks, all your creatures are unblockable. That is one hell of an effect on a two mana 1/1.
Posted By: sweetgab (10/3/2013 9:24:56 PM)


@Continue Human WW constructed decks left in the dust you say? Champion o' da Parish may be gone, but humans are still a playable and successful in constructed( at least at the FNM level)! Check it: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/budget-standard-ww/
Posted By: Vigilante013 (10/22/2013 12:41:29 AM)


So you're telling me that when I attack with this and my 300 soldiers they all pile onto the pegasus at once? That's one mean beast.
Posted By: Goatllama (9/4/2013 7:56:58 AM)


Aside from having excellent art by Kev Walker, this is a really great card. A 2 cost 1/1 flyer may seem a bit below the curve now that Suntail Hawk is back in standard, but giving evasion to all your attacking Humans is something that should not be overlooked. White Weenie could be something to watch for once Theros rotates in.

EDIT: Just saw the new Elspeth in Theros. Definitely looking forward to playing White Weenie.
Posted By: tankthebest (9/6/2013 4:31:39 PM)


Pretty cool for a common. I expect to draft a few of these, but with most notable humans rotating out of Standard, this card will be left in the dust in Constructed.
Posted By: Continue (9/3/2013 2:53:37 PM)


How many soldiers are human? Because that's just what they need, to be able to fly.
Posted By: Pendulous (9/3/2013 2:58:14 PM)


Hmmmm... While this is surely lovely in a human soldier army, I think the flavor would have been better suited giving two humans flying, it would still be very powerful.
Whatevs though. I like it. 4.5/5
Posted By: Phelplan (9/28/2013 11:28:07 AM)


Posted By: tcollins (2/2/2014 11:15:54 AM)


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