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Not spectacular. But a 3/3 isn't useless, the lifegain keeps you alive, and the 2 green mana in the casting cost boosts any other devotion cards you play.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/19/2013 10:06:18 AM)


This archer defys convention by not shooting at things in the air and not shooting at things before they start hitting her...
Posted By: MCcreator (10/17/2013 6:37:02 AM)


This card is nowhere near as playable as the black and red ones, simply because, from experience, you're looking at about 3-6 life on average. Paying four mana for a 3/3 that gives you five life generally isn't going to win you many games.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/21/2013 11:26:21 AM)


I am not Mihara, but I believe the reason he was swapping this guy in postboard every matchup was because the lifegain buys mono-green time against other beatdown decks. You don't want to chump block with your dorks and lose devotion, so Disciple gains back ground lost while providing a decent blocker. Great against decks light on removal, but useless against control decks.

Posted By: DoorDie (2/6/2014 8:39:36 AM)


12 hours up on Gatherer and still no comment?

Maybe that's a comment about the card. Sure, can give you a good life boost, which might make it playable in Limited, but generally, this is a rather useless card, methinks...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/18/2013 12:27:11 AM)


This might not kill your opponent nearly as fast as Fanatic of Mogis, but green has access to Garruk, Caller of Beast, who is capable of drawing tons of cards and flooding your board with creatures. This can result in a ridiculously high devotion count.
Posted By: sweetgab (10/6/2013 10:23:29 PM)


This archer directly attacks flying creatures, because life gain counteracts evasive damage.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/20/2013 8:45:38 PM)


What about using this in a Maze's End deck?
Posted By: lorendorky (9/19/2013 2:54:02 PM)


All thrag, and no tusk. Reminds me a lot of Alive//Well--oh, and also those one 2/4 Elves who get you 7 life if you control two or more guildgates. Nylea's Disciple seems a little less sketchy, though. Although decks that like lifegain tend to like big butts, too, so maybe not. Anyway, none of those cards strike me as wildly powerful. On the other hand, synergy counts for something in this game... Also Purplerooster, your comment was a very clever reading of the flavor of this card. Before I read it, I saw "archer," and thought where's the kill flyers ability? The lifegain makes sense in that context now.
Posted By: dies2doomblade (10/28/2013 8:42:43 PM)


3/3 with some life gain for four, nothing that special for devotion, toughness not even out of Anger of the Gods range. I'm confused. Why did Mihara say this was the best card in his PT sideboard?
Posted By: Trustey (11/20/2013 3:49:24 AM)