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An ability that synergies great with the power up from the bestow. The hill giant with a built in mad cap skills is stand alone value.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/24/2013 8:49:32 PM)


Oh crap, it's here to get back at Bruse Tarl for all those times he insulted Pillarfield Ox!
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (9/18/2013 5:08:31 PM)


This kind of evasion is always valuable. It forces an opponent to either commit to taking out the creature in question, or let it through. So, essentially, it makes them chump-block-proof.
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/19/2013 2:37:26 PM)


Not so good flavorwise. Compare to Thasa's emissary who has the same power given by her Bident. Or the beautiful Synergy of Erebos and his emissary. Even Nylea and her emissary share trample. This shares nothing with either hammer or God.

Instead it strikes me as very Gruul - both mechanic wise, but also in that it's going to need green to pay it's giant bestow cost.
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/30/2013 4:21:12 PM)


Macap Skills: the creature.
Posted By: Lord_Skoonie (10/16/2013 8:21:36 AM)


The Celestial Ox.

Talk about Chinese Zodiac.

Anyway, the Bestow cost is rather ridiculous, but as a direct creature, it's fine for limited. Strictly better than Hill Giant/Canyon Minotaur and its ilk, though that of course is not saying much.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/17/2013 7:47:51 PM)


i wish that bestow had a more reasonable cost. the only bestow card i can see myself using is Nighthowler
Posted By: OstravaBoletaria (10/10/2013 10:18:08 AM)


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