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Cat tribal looking better and better.
Posted By: Carpark (9/18/2013 3:29:03 AM)


Looking closely, its ears and the tufts of hair beneath are reminiscent of bows, Nylea's weapon and symbol of choice.
Posted By: Stuflames (12/23/2013 11:39:02 AM)


Well, there once was a card called "War Mammoth" in mono green which was (3)(G) for a 3/3 Trample. So "overcosted" when measured against the past? "Arrogant Wurm" is cheaper for more (for Madness), "Branchsnap Lorian" is a 4/1 for (1)(G)(G) . . .

I don't see all that much in the past which works out to cheaper for something like this. Bestow is just icing on the cake for (2) more.
Posted By: Kereminde (12/30/2013 5:57:49 PM)


Strictly more generic than the other emissaries. (Trample... blah)

Still a fine limited card
Posted By: leingodf8 (9/19/2013 9:54:16 PM)


Illegal to cast on Two-Headed Cerberus.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/20/2013 8:47:59 PM)


@EGarrett01 How the HELL is this supposed to be overcosted? Even if a 3/3 trampler for 3 (in mono green, that is) actually existed, this would most certainly be a legit reason to add {1} to that card's cost!
Posted By: Circeus (9/24/2013 10:43:00 AM)


So it's either an overcosted 3/3 trampler or an overcosted enchantment that gives +3/+3 and trample?
Posted By: EGarrett01 (9/22/2013 10:55:21 AM)


Green gets the short end of the stick in terms of excitement, it seems. D'oh well.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (12/7/2013 6:04:45 PM)


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