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Wizards say that the philosopher's say that the sailors ascended to a more perfect realm.

Philosophy students say "Yeah yeah, ha ha, it's a Plato reference, we get it."
Posted By: Nucleon (9/18/2013 10:33:08 PM)


Amazing art. I dare say this could see some standard play
Posted By: flavioal28 (9/17/2013 4:50:11 PM)


The flavour text sounds more like something a priest would say. Philosophers do not actually tend to speculate on the nature of what comes after death, unless they are metaphysicians, as that is inherently unknowable. Socrates, for example, was a thoroughly practical man, and when a young Plato presented him with his thoughts on death and existence after death (which he wrote down in Apology of Socrates, and which are quite good, actually, though he presented it as if it was Socrates that exclaimed it), he merely said that he did not care about what came after death, as that is something which is not knowable by humans, which is the only thing he cared about.
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/19/2013 12:46:20 AM)


I liken the 'scry 1' on this to when you get home from vacation and you have to sit down and pour through all your unread email messages.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/21/2013 2:29:35 PM)


@ninstarrune, that's because call to heel causes that creature's controller to draw a card, not you. Scry is definitely > opponents drawing.
Posted By: doombladez (12/17/2013 8:49:20 PM)


You FOOLS! I TOLD you the earth was flat! I TOLD YOU ALL!
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (12/26/2013 2:05:04 PM)


The art! THE ART!!!!! Wonderful!
I fall in love with this card the very first moment that I've seen it!
The additional 1 is really worth the scry effect? I quite think so, at least for casual, or to put on a Scepter, maybe not for a really competitive deck.
5/5 for the art and the playability...!
Posted By: leomistico (9/18/2013 7:07:26 AM)


In a format based around sinking mana into guys to make them grow and putting a bunch of Auras on them this seems like it will be VERY good.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/17/2013 5:28:10 PM)


Take known spell (Unsummon).

Add 1.

Add Scry 1.

This is the recipe for a lot of the cards in the set. At least this time, they just tacked on 1, making the card still playable.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/17/2013 5:34:06 PM)


Although the constructed player in me wishes they stuck to Mirrodin standards and gave this the Magma Jet/Tel-Jilad Justice treatment the limited player in me is basically blown away.

This is one of the best removal cards in the set at common/uncommon and is only really competing with Sea God's Revenge for being the best. You pick this up whenever you can and you smile about it.
Posted By: Taudisban (10/2/2013 3:27:13 PM)


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