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"a 3/3 colorless Golem enchantment artifact creature token"

Needs more words.
Posted By: Fenix. (9/18/2013 7:35:05 AM)


Quiver in fear before the awesome power of my...5th land!!!
I used to be being sarcastic when I saying that, but now...
Posted By: MadMethod (9/17/2013 4:45:34 PM)


This will make or break boros aggro for the next three months...

4.5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (9/17/2013 2:06:45 PM)


Giving everything haste is already a very good effect. Being able to make any and all extra lands into hasty threats only makes this better. As someone who doesn't like mana flood I quite like this card.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/17/2013 4:13:04 PM)


Oh my.
Nice use of those excess lands in RDW.
Posted By: Flyheight (9/18/2013 10:04:31 AM)


This, Firedrinker Satyr, Magma Jet and maybe even Purphoros himself could form a new RDW. Hell, as long as Sacred Foundry is still in standard it may even splash white for Chained to the Rocks
Posted By: TheManakinTransfer (9/17/2013 9:11:51 PM)


Well that's exciting.

I'm liking the weird creature types in Theros; it's giving a lot of love to fairly mediocre tribals. And this card is AMAZING in any competent RDW.
Posted By: NARFNra (9/17/2013 9:22:55 PM)


This is an excellent late game card for mono-red decks that have a bunch of lands they don't necessarily need due to their low mana curve. Got extra lands? Use them to make hasty Golem tokens!
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (9/18/2013 2:40:44 PM)


Makes any late top-deck in RDW relevant.

Also Enchantment, Artifact, Creature, Everything, Golem tokens are sweet.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/18/2013 8:05:18 PM)


There might be a few janky Splicer decks with this, though I do love how ridiculously Red this card's flavor is. Who needs lands, just whack the sucker with a giant metal guy and keep burning stuff cheap.
Posted By: Nucleon (9/18/2013 9:20:53 PM)