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Well THIS is exciting. W/U has some cool humans in Theros.
Posted By: NARFNra (9/17/2013 8:04:52 PM)


This seems incredibly good. Scry is always relevant, and making itself bigger is also amazing. I can see this being a main part of a competitive deck in the future.
Posted By: rollinsclone (9/22/2013 6:27:01 PM)


I must be going blind, I almost thought that said put a +1/+1 counter on it and scry 1...
Posted By: Continue (9/17/2013 3:46:37 PM)


Yup, four of please.

@Tiggurix - Agreed on the flavor bit, on the other hand what else are they going to use? Commander wouldn't fit, he only buffs himself. He's not a tactician, he's too much in the battle for that. He's supposed to be a staple, he doesn't work so well as a hero. I think they were left with a wizened footsoldier who thinks more for himself than perhaps his commanders would like.

@OrgasmandTea - You're thinking too much like a red/white soldier - this one is blue. Defense is more important than offense. His magic blue hand wouldn't make sense on his spear, it's instead focused around his shield.
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/21/2013 2:03:24 PM)


A hell of a lot of potential here. The ability to scry in a human tribal deck would be invaluable. I like it. I wish abilities that targeted him triggered heroic as well, for the sake of equipment. I'll try to make it work regardless.
Posted By: Doaj (9/17/2013 3:21:11 PM)


Heroic" is not a mechanism that works well with the flavour of hoplites. The point of hoplites is that they fight in phalanx formation (though you'd never know that from watching 300); they have large shields and long spears so that they can protect each other and stab the enemy from a distance. In this formation, the hoplites were equals, so a mechanism that caters to playing favourites just seems weird to me to put on an alleged hoplite.
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/18/2013 3:08:59 PM)


It's pretty cool, but I'm not quite sure what's the point in having a fistful of powerful blue energy, BEHIND your shield. What are you gonna do with that? Keep your Budweiser cold? They should have called him Budweiser Hoplite. F***ing alchy.
Posted By: OrgasmandTea (9/18/2013 8:32:47 AM)


Ok in limited if you got some pump spells or other stuff that targets. Takes too much effort outside of it to be good.
Posted By: majinara (9/17/2013 11:17:03 PM)


We are LIONS! >:O
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/18/2013 6:43:44 AM)


Welp. This is going to be a bomb. Calling it now. Someone will make a deck with this as its centerpiece and it will destroy everything. A growth effect on a card that isn't green and library sifting in colors that can make use of both, that also happen to be the best combination for control. AND its a 2 CMC uncommon. Could this be our next Snapcaster?

Edit: I was wrong. I was VERY wrong.
Posted By: ShatterPalm (11/29/2013 11:11:49 AM)