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Can block more creatures than Hundred-Handed One if you have 200 mana.

Also can block Reckoner without dying.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/18/2013 3:20:31 PM)


when I envisioned Chimaeras for a custom block, I thought of them as Mono-Green Flyers bc I wanted Green to have that hole filled.

a) Mono-green for ''monstrous" flavor. (these guys could definitely eat drakes and spirits. they were big.)

b) they all had defender too.

I think....I think I like how Wizards made them 'more mystical' by ensuring they were all part-Blue but also part-X. :) it creates lots of variety of design, AND it makes the ones that aren't U/R and U/G seem...just...kinda different. o.O
While I wouldn't say I like EVERY one of these Chimaeras, I DO like how they have become a tribe of their own that has a *very* loose definition and I can definitely see them coming back in Multicolor blocks now?

Still needs more Defender...on all of them.
And I still think a Mythic Rare mono-green Flying Chimaera is acceptable. :P

For "WoTC official" chimaeras, I want to see a U/B one now. :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/18/2013 8:17:21 AM)


Please note that this guy can block an additional creature for each time it's ability is activated. So if you have 3WhiteWhiteWhite you can block 4 dudes with just this creature. Now I'm not saying that's efficient mind you, but it's good to know you have the option.
Posted By: Flyheight (9/18/2013 8:53:16 AM)


@MasterOfCruelties: It can actually block several. There's no limit to how many times it can use the ability. If you have enough mana, it can possibly block more creatures than Hundred-Handed One.
Posted By: Tiggurix (9/19/2013 2:32:03 AM)


With Illusionist's Bracers it can block 3 creatures for 2 mana! 5 for 4 etc.
Posted By: TowerDefender (9/28/2013 4:49:19 AM)


Wow, it can block an additional creature. Good for you little guy.


Good Point. But only three creatures for the same cost. When you have one card that can block one hundred creatures at once, one that can block an average of three is unimpressive.
Posted By: MasterOfCruelties (10/10/2013 6:13:56 PM)


I know Spikes an d such hate defensive creatures, but I think this is a cool ability. I'm loving Chimeras, they're pretty much "wonky blue flyers", something Sphinxes (need to be mystical) of Drakes (need to be small) can do.
Posted By: DaLucaray (9/17/2013 3:01:32 PM)


needs defender
Posted By: chainsmoker (9/18/2013 2:15:44 AM)


watch out for this in draft!
Posted By: moonmist103 (9/29/2013 2:42:09 PM)


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