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So they fixed unearth on a card related to the god of the dead...

I really like the fact that this and Erebos, God of the Dead have synergy in their life-related abilities.
Posted By: MadMethod (9/17/2013 5:35:46 PM)


"Creature cards in your graveyard have unearth 2BlackBlack. Activate this ability only once per turn."
Posted By: Continue (9/18/2013 4:52:25 PM)


Hello Obzedat, my old friend. Glad you came out to play again :)
Posted By: Dylken (9/17/2013 5:37:10 PM)


It works with both Obzedat, Ghost Council and AEtherling
Posted By: blink182zombies (9/18/2013 7:02:07 AM)


I like the abilities on the whip more than I do its wielder, really. It can offer some awesome combos late game, and has a super-beneficial static ability.

"When a problem comes along- you must whip it!"
Posted By: Kashi70 (9/18/2013 1:36:24 PM)


The sure saved the best one of the cycle for last. This thing is synergistic with its owner, and even on its own is sure to help reanimator decks.
Posted By: Sonserf369 (9/18/2013 9:55:58 PM)


Among other ways of getting around the exile clause, Pull from Eternity amusingly works quite well.
Posted By: LordRandomness (9/24/2013 3:29:17 AM)


Could make some huge Voracious Wurms for Jarad to fling at your opponent.. Gigantic Wurms with Lifelink.
Posted By: TowerDefender (10/3/2013 2:09:03 PM)


@Unholy_Blue_Mage: It only replaces the card going to zones other than exile. Instead of putting it anywhere else means that it only replaces it if it would be put anywhere else. The text is formatted a little deceptively but it most definitely doesn't replace exiling.

(Also relevant is that it would be replacing an action with an identical action, so it'd still go through anyway.)
Posted By: Doom_Lich (10/6/2013 2:21:26 PM)


This is the ultimate grinder card. Lifelink AND recursion? It's like all of your creatures are Thragtusks. It's closed out many games in my mono black devotion deck, including one where I played Gray Merchant of Asphodel, then teched Devour Flesh on myself to sac it and bring it back with the Whip next turn.

EDIT: So it turns out Aetherling and Obzedat, etc. actually will come back if they get exiled. Here's the ruling from Wizards:
"If a creature returned to the battlefield with Whip of Erebos would leave the battlefield for any reason, it’s exiled instead. However, if that creature is already being exiled, then the replacement effect won’t apply. If the spell or ability that exiles it later returns it to the battlefield (as Chained to the Rocks might, for example), the creature card will return to the battlefield as a new object with no relation to its previous existence. The effects from Whip of Erebos will no longer ap... (see all)
Posted By: MostlyLost (10/14/2013 6:58:02 AM)


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