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Remember Vorthoses, this is the spear that can strike any point on Theros. Provided that point has successfully assaulted you in the recent past.
Posted By: SpaceMagic (9/17/2013 7:40:19 PM)


I'll take the added removal risk compared to Glorious Anthem for that ability.
Posted By: YoungSloshee (9/17/2013 2:37:00 PM)



Or you know, has hexproof or something via some Sea Magic (Benthic Giant).
Posted By: anotherfan321 (9/17/2013 8:24:52 PM)


This is SO going in my mono-white weenie EDH deck. Love it.
Posted By: WolfWhoWalks (9/17/2013 4:40:20 PM)


I love enchantment as a second card type. It makes exploiting Ethereal Armor and Sphere of Safety infinitely easier.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (9/22/2013 1:09:45 PM)


Any damage, not just combat.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/17/2013 6:45:13 PM)


So the Anthem can't stack, but you have a sweet defensive ability. Should be ok in standard and very good in EDH.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/17/2013 5:07:50 PM)


Purphoros, God of the Forge: OW! Why do you keep throwing that thing at me whenever I damage your favorite planeswalker pet when you know darn well I'm immortal?
Heliod, God of the Sun: It's fun, and I could always use the target practice.
Purphoros: YOU-DAMMIT!
Posted By: Manite (1/13/2014 3:05:45 AM)


Welp, Glorious Anthem is in standard again. And it's legendary. And vulnerable to artifact removal. But can kill creatures that have already hurt you this turn. Yay?
Posted By: Avensai (9/17/2013 9:07:37 PM)


I like everything about it except..... "...this turn." Think about it: You have to keep three mana open on the offhand chance that a creature will damage you. This ability will usually slow your deck down because if you use your mana to cast spells that aren't instants then you are going to be tapped-out when this damage is getting dealt and by the time you untap it will be too late to smite your foe with this amazing looking spear.
(And there is that whole bit about having to let yourself take damage in the first place too....)
I guess it balances?????
Glorious Anthem with bad removal tacked on that can be removed by things that destroy artifacts?

My revised take on this: Casting cost 2WhiteWhite
First ability stays
Second ability ~ WhiteWhiteWhite: Destroy target creature that has dealt damage to you during this game. (Maybe also: Spear of Heliod can destroy creatures that are indestructible.)

Problems solved: Glorious anthem isn't shut-out. Despite the high costs this thing is still... (see all)
Posted By: Phelplan (10/8/2013 10:25:33 AM)