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This temple is an end table.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (9/18/2013 11:10:50 AM)


Woah so much haterating
Posted By: Abl (9/17/2013 7:06:26 PM)


I somehow get the feeling that people are more upset about the temples being rares rather than uncommons, than about "only" having scry 1 to their name...
Posted By: SkyknightXi (9/17/2013 9:07:10 PM)


I like the Temples, and usually I don't think that every dual land should be uncommon, but this time I do. Only a Scry 1, while quite powerful is really a simple effect. Rare lands should be the ones that are a little more complex, like Shocklands or Fetchlands, or even Filterlands.

I'm waiting for the Izzet Temple, because it seems something that I would love to play!

Posted By: leomistico (9/18/2013 5:25:23 AM)


it seems that krato was here
Posted By: Sel3l3e (9/17/2013 3:11:56 PM)


This one deserves to be rated lower, as blue always has options for stacking the deck/card advantage. The red/green or white/green should be rated higher as those colours do not stack the deck much beyond Mirri's Guile, Sylvan Library and some other, more expensive enchantments.
Posted By: BuffJittePLZ (9/18/2013 8:05:21 AM)


Well, yeah, it is upsetting that they are rare. Sometimes I wish WotC would just get over whatever their deal with mana fixing is and print it all at uncommon. Not so common that you can get greedy in limited but not wasting a rare slot or being overcosted on the secondary market.
Posted By: Taudisban (9/18/2013 12:35:48 AM)


For future reference it's a cycle
temple of malady B/G
temple of mystery U/G
temple of deceit B/U
temple of plenty W/G
temple of triumph W/R
temple of malice R/B
temple of enlightenment W/U
temple of epiphany R/U
temple of silence W/B
temple of abandon R/G
Posted By: raginglittepycho (4/9/2014 9:19:44 AM)


Yes, they will see play in Standard, but we're not going to like it!!

On the other hand, the NEXT standard might be even more mono-colored, so I'm sure these will fetch a decent price one day.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/17/2013 5:11:45 PM)


Phenax, God of Deceit. I predict this will be the exact name of the Blue-Black God. :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/27/2013 8:08:26 AM)


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