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Biovisionary finds a new friend.
Posted By: Continue (9/17/2013 3:38:44 PM)


And not just till end of turn
Posted By: jenekee (9/17/2013 8:50:22 PM)


4.5/5 Just because on its own its pretu vulnerable, but its potential is huge. Aqueus form makes this guy nuts.
Posted By: Eigma (9/17/2013 3:16:32 PM)


Bant Auras could make very good use of this, along with cards like Alpha Authority and Gift of Immortality. Might be better in the sb if control becomes too dominant though.
Posted By: Doaj (9/17/2013 3:17:33 PM)


Purplerooster, I know that deep down in my heart the ability will resolve as a copy of one and then another if Artisan of Forms has two instances of the ability.

But I want to pretend, for at least a little bit, that somehow the game was broken horribly.

What creatures are perfect for having multiples of, but only for a brief 1/2 of a second stack trigger?
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/18/2013 9:42:52 PM)


You don't need another artisan. You can double the ability by targeting itself. It's really not that useful though.
Posted By: Doom_Lich (9/19/2013 6:38:47 PM)


So as many as four of these on the field while Lazav, Dimir Mastermind stands alone (being legendary) enjoying the awesomeness that is hexproof but stuck with twice the mana cost in two colors, and a much harder activation, and less choice in what he turns into.

Compare also with Cemetary Puca (easier than Lazav to cast but still strictly harder than Artisan), cheaper and WAY more versatile than Clone, still not as awesome in my book as Cryptoplasm (but then, if something was more awesome than cryptoplasm, then cryptoplasm would just become that. Checkmate.)

Heroic is an interesting mechanic, and reminds me a little bit of splicing in that you kind of find yourself wanting disposable spells to fuel it. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays.
Posted By: Hepatizon (9/20/2013 5:36:27 PM)


Use clone to copy it and suddenly clone becomes able to change its own form
Posted By: WeeDragonuats (9/21/2013 9:43:00 PM)


If that's really all that happened, you made a legal play. Artisan of Forms was no longer a legal target for Doom Blade, so that spell fails to resolve.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but she DOES NOT trigger enters-the-battlefield abilities.

My own question:
- If she copies herself, does she get two copies of her own ability? That would mean the ability triggers twice next time you target her. So... could she then copy herself again, twice, which would give her four copies of the ability (because she "gains this ability" each time in addition to the abilities she already had).
And the obvious followup, how do I exploit this into a killer combo?
Posted By: Heretical_Tarp (1/8/2014 6:23:49 PM)


Soul's Fire gotta love that stack
Posted By: Ribsublover (10/6/2013 1:24:10 PM)


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