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I'm really excited about all the snake love Theros is giving. This guy is really neat.
Posted By: NARFNra (9/17/2013 9:07:37 PM)


Easily to best of the Emissaries. Should be solid in limited.
Posted By: .Blaze. (9/17/2013 3:45:11 PM)


good way to get an Ashen Rider or another fatty in the graveyard to do some graveyard shenanigans.
Posted By: Randowar (9/17/2013 4:11:48 PM)


Great way to make use of small creatures late game that would otherwise just chump block.
Posted By: Purplerooster (9/18/2013 4:06:30 PM)


Combos quite nicely with Nighthowler.
Posted By: Synesthetic (9/22/2013 8:37:48 PM)


Combos with Erebos himself , my ideal would be to use with Enter the Infinite I discard all the creature cards All of Them!
Posted By: TowerDefender (9/23/2013 6:43:32 AM)


Even without the graveyard tech, if you have a bunch of creatures in your hand doing nothing he can be a nice way of sneaking in damage your opponent doesn't consider worth blocking. He's absolutely adorable as well, so all is good.
Posted By: volkiteSerpenta (9/22/2013 1:50:16 PM)


decent even without the bestow.. auto include in standard reanimator
Posted By: chainsmoker (9/18/2013 4:26:46 AM)


Whoever rated this less than a four has never played with Wild Mongrel or Vampire Hounds.
Posted By: Taudisban (9/17/2013 11:07:02 PM)


I love the flavor. He combos perfectly with Erebos, god of the dead and Whip of Erebos. He literally paves the way for his Master's coming. Bestowed he feels like the aura of a high priest, possessed by the need to feed his master. Hard cast he feels like a spy, slithering about scouting for the weakest point, and striking with terrible God given power. - and a bestow cost of six? For two 3/3s and a very synergistic power? Well done Wizards!
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/30/2013 4:57:37 PM)


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