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Land ramp outside of green? Who wouldn't like this? Basic, non-basic, any type, any color, that land enters untapped. Have a creature heavy deck? Throw some tokens out there. And while some may think the life gain worthless, at least you're getting something out of the card.
Posted By: RedJaron (10/29/2013 2:13:27 PM)


Is this thing WINKING?
Posted By: gus_aspara (11/28/2013 11:43:13 AM)


1/1 for 2: bad.
land from top to battlefield for 2: not good.
gain 2 life for 2: pretty terrible.
not knowing which do you get: annoying.
requires Tap: even less useful.

and yet somehow, this card seems ok.
Posted By: O0oze (12/21/2013 1:38:24 AM)


3 mana and a card as investment for one of these each turn:

2 mana for a 1/1? Passable, I mean, people play Elvish Visionary after all.
2 mana for a free land? Explore with an extra card draw attached.
2 mana for 2 life? Bad. But I'm certainly not sad to use the autumn effect of Nylea's Bow and it's still something to sink your mana into each turn.

What kind of decks want this? Oracle of Mul Daya ramp is one. Or how about something closer to home, Melek (almost) creatureless.

I can see why they'd put a ramp card in Marath's deck, but Marath can make use of every drop of mana every turn anyway so it's nowhere near as good.
Posted By: HotHit (12/26/2013 8:03:56 AM)


I run a semi control deck, with a good amount of board wipes. The games run long, and I end up with more mana then I need. This gets em out of the deck, and lets me draw useful spells. That is worth it to me. I would run it just for that reason.

It's probably not the best in terms of that, but for some reason I just love this card. It was one of the first rares I pulled, and I have ran it ever since. I try and make a place for it in most my decks. I just love it. Yeah you guys are right most of the time the 2 mana probably isn't worth it. For some reason though no matter which effect I get I can't not love this card.
Posted By: GordonFreechmen (1/2/2014 10:44:03 PM)


Way better than it looks, bonkers in EDH

4/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (1/28/2014 5:04:52 PM)


What's wrong with using a Lisa Frank trapper-keeper?
Posted By: car2n (2/22/2014 5:44:35 PM)


One of the best artifacts for EDH for many reasons -

- It can ramp in colors that do not use ramp
- It can thin your deck of lands, enabling you to draw into spells faster
- Creature generation from a card is always useful. You will always have at least one blocker with this if you consistently top-deck creatures.
- You get something even if your revealed card does not meet the perimeters of the first two abilities. In other words, no drawback for this card, unlike other artifacts such as Sorcerer's Strongbox, in which you can wind up with nothing after activation.

This card does a lot, and while it may not find a home in all decks, EDH decks can always make use of it for it's vast array of utility. You will want cards that can offer many choices or options for that format, another reason the Command cycle is so popular too, like Austere Command or Profane Command. It can be a pretty good addition to sapproling decks too.
Posted By: MechaKraken (4/28/2014 5:58:09 PM)


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