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Every time I look at him I think of the old Dravidians of ancient India.
Posted By: Paladin_of_the_Wood (10/29/2013 9:20:12 PM)


I think a lot of people will play aggro lists around him, but dear god I am making a political deck based around this guy! Yes, politics without blue.

Alliance Of Arms springs to mind instantly as a way of getting other players to kill each other; Ghostly Prison and/or Mystic Barrier should do good work deterring attacks. Other token generators for other players to kill each other with include Hunted Troll, Hunted Dragon, Death By Dragons and more.

Or, just to assure mutual destruction, Gisela, Blade Of Goldnight. Probably the card that goes most sickeningly well with Gahiji here.

Favourite general of the set, because this is a damn fine political general as well as a swarmy beatstick aid.
Posted By: Splizer (10/30/2013 9:25:01 AM)


Very aggressive, Beast and has a nice battering feel to it. Not very mythic though. Ramping enabled excessively with green and white, and red offers a plethora of backup for suitable tactics. Liking it!
Posted By: AtArms (10/29/2013 3:06:47 PM)


Funny my buddy and I were brainstorming cards and started talking about a beast lord and he basically came up with this on the spot. two days later I saw it spoiled and lol'ed.
Posted By: lorendorky (10/29/2013 9:50:50 PM)


I hope to see some beast tribal decks in the future now. They have some tribal love, like their own warcheif (Krosan Warchief), Wirewood Savage, Contested Cliffs, and Shaleskin Bruiser, just to name a few. It's unfortunate Gahiji isn't beast tribal himself, but his ability is pretty sweet nonetheless. Should be a fun addition to Commander tables.
Posted By: sarroth (11/3/2013 11:42:31 AM)


...He buffs your opponents when they punch each other, but not you, as well. That alone makes him legit. Significantly (but not strictly) better than Marath, Will of the Wild, his competition in Naya for commander in this set.
Posted By: TheBossHammer (10/31/2013 12:34:15 AM)


Pretty sure this guy's from Kamigawa. It's cool how sme of these legends are obviously from Planes we've seen. (Jeleva's from Innistrad, Prossh is from Dominara, etc...)
Posted By: DaLucaray (10/29/2013 4:59:08 PM)


I must say, this one is actually very interesting. All-around, I'm not very Green-aligned at all, except sometimes when Green is combined with White.

This plus Gisela DOES make me want an actual deck that includes Gisela that actually doesn't have Kaalia. o.O

That was a difficult feat Gahiji. I Honor You. :P
Posted By: DarthParallax (10/30/2013 12:01:42 PM)


4.5 rating only because Mayael whiffs on him. ;-;
Posted By: FaltonOV (11/2/2013 9:43:55 AM)


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