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This card can be very good in the right decks, as mentioned before it's not by any means broken or terribly great like some other commanders out there but she does have her uses. For 6 mana and a tap sure that's quite a bit, but it is an ability that can be played at instant speed. Just imagine if they attack with their commander and you put down a Wurmcoil Engine. I don't think it's great. It's just not terrible. Too narrow abilities but they get the job done 3.5/5
Posted By: Umbric (10/30/2013 7:13:09 AM)


One of the great classic commanders. Though I wonder why she is in this deck.
Posted By: 1337vanguard (10/30/2013 12:31:47 PM)


I'm in this deck, but my ability works on less than 30% of the cards here.
Also, I already have an oversized foil.
Please tell me why they chose me instead of Uril, the Miststalker, or Rith, the Awakener?
Posted By: drpvfx (10/29/2013 8:54:04 PM)


Wrong direction to ask the question Mr. Leet.

1. Uril is crazy.
2. Rith might not be crazy, but Rith is defo part of a cycle, and well- it looks like they're saving reprinting *that* cycle for a little while longer. Almost certainly they want to give us Foils of All 5 of them at once, even though the Wedge Dragons do not show up as foils except as Oversized. That's almost certainly going to be what they start doing for future releases:

Foil up the Legendaries. I was wondering how they'd make them interesting now that they've done Shards and Wedges and pretty much they've said-ish they don't think any other color combinations work for this series.

Mayael is an excellent card, very appropriate for the deck, fits the "Shards" theme in both just plain color combination and in "Legends from Shards of Alara" subtheme, and her particular ability is GOOD for her colors, just like Jeleva's is.

But you do point out an odditiy- which is why were so few cards put in tha... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (10/30/2013 11:46:22 PM)


Mayael's ability can hinge between "exceptionally good" to "not worth the 3GreenRedWhite mana". Always note that 6 mana is not inexpensive. You also don't activate any "if you cast from the hand" effects. Sorry, Ulamog and Kozilek.

But Naya doesn't truly have any general that really compliments the deck rather than just being the centre of attention. For example, if you made a Rith, the Awakener deck, you'd be very inclined to attack with Rith every turn to make tokens. If you made a Uril deck, you'd be forced to go full Voltron.

But Mayael doesn't need to be there to make the deck work. You can simply play the whole deck without playing her once. It does defeat the purpose of a Commander deck, but it also means that you won't get handicapped when Chaos Warp gets played.

That being said, it would've been fantastic if Hazezon Tamar was reprinted and not on the reser... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (12/9/2013 1:36:29 PM)


This would have been super flavorful if it had only costed cmc 5, ability costed cmc 5, referenced power 5+...you understand...5 this and 5 that. Similar to Griselbrand and Elderscale Wurm do with 7.
Posted By: MattLynn (1/19/2014 9:58:45 PM)


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