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Blue players: see that guy running black in their deck that's looking at your hand, and grinning as you stuff it full of Sphinx-induced cards?

Nah, its probably nothing.
Posted By: JaFaR_Ironclad (10/29/2013 11:24:27 PM)


I watched one guy in an EDH match draw his entire remaining library through combo hijinks and cast a Laboratory Maniac so that he'd win on his next turn.

And then one of his opponents dropped this thing.

Upkeep before draw, etc., and the poor guy ate 75 damage.
Posted By: Madarakita (11/4/2013 8:55:05 PM)


Argh, what's with all the modern/legacy players coming and down voting amazing EDH cards, simply because they don't understand the format? This card is a perfect balance in Commander: the group hug of an unlimited hand (meaning it might even survive a round or two) and a decent effect that will surely punish those pesky card-drawers. And 7 mana is not going to be hard to achieve in black-EDH with the likes of Cabal Coffers and Crypt Ghast around. Amazing card.
Posted By: BobbySinclair (11/10/2013 4:33:18 PM)


@Troll-Beserker: I think you may be looking at this card wrong. It wasn't made to impact legacy or vintage in a huge way, and it certainly won't. This is designed specifically for EDH, games which go long, dumping your hand isn't usually an advisable strategy, and drawing 20+ cards in one turn isn't alltogether uncommon. It's a fine and interesting card in this format.
Posted By: PrimordialMyr164 (10/29/2013 9:13:33 PM)


Posted By: Goatllama (10/30/2013 11:38:44 AM)


Well, he looks like he's having a terrific time, doesn't he? Yeah, that smile on his face tells it all. I do hope he knows how to read braille though.
Posted By: Totema (10/30/2013 12:51:38 AM)


This card is way printed for commander and it is way TOO GOOD in this format. It is unfair at 7 mana, let alone 3 or 4 mana as suggested by troll_berserker. This is printed for a multiplayer format, which is normally a lot slower than standard/modern/legacy, where card draw is very common, getting to 7+ mana is quite common and there is no downside for the caster aside from the hate generation. You don't so much want to play this against blue, you wanna play it as a u/b/x player and group hug people to death (there is no downside to the caster). Other similar cards like The Rack or Viseling this card doesn't give a grace area where you can have cards without taking damage.
Posted By: NekrosVite (11/3/2013 10:48:28 AM)


I agree that this card could perhaps be cheaper (but 4 CMC, really? That's too low and asking for power creep). But I am very glad this exists. First of all, I enjoy playing Chaos Magic, which is the precursor to Planechase and plays similarly, only with regular Magic cards that mess up gamestates a ton. Like this card, which will slot in there really nicely. Also, there's a type of Group Slug deck that I love to play that punishes you for having too many cards in hand, using cards like Molten Psyche, VIcious Shadows, and Sword of War and Peace, and for the rest tries to force you to have more cards in hand using cards like Howling Mine, Forced Fruition, Spiteful Visions, and now Nekusar, the Mindrazer. I am glad this and the on-theme Nekusar can entice players to try such a deck out.
Posted By: sarroth (11/3/2013 1:07:09 PM)


5Black is the difference you have to pay for an all-around The Rack. I guess that's the price of knowledge.

Now what would've benefitted this card greatly was if it said "at the beginning of each opponents precombat main phase". That would raise this from "Not the greatest" to "pretty dangerous". How many hands are going to be refilled before the upkeep? Not many...
Posted By: Ferlord (10/29/2013 9:35:20 PM)


This card is absolutely going to kill people off in commander. Will be feared.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (10/30/2013 9:52:53 AM)