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As an answer to the flavor text, Control Magic.
That's why.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (11/14/2013 6:15:39 PM)


Ixidor made an artificial angel with Akroma. Esper responded with an actual artifact Akroma.

Not bringing the beats as fast as Akroma, but instead it reads "you cannot race me. Submit."
Posted By: Shiizu (11/8/2013 12:32:00 PM)


I get a perverse enjoyment out of bouncing a Mox Opal to a Master Transmuter to drop this monster...

Of course there are limitless things to do with the Transmuter, but thats's one of my faves.
Posted By: SeriouslyFacetious (12/30/2013 5:59:38 PM)


Oloro, Ageless Ascetic gets all the good toys. :(
Posted By: Ruaranicus (10/30/2013 6:19:30 PM)


Funny how Akroma, Angel of Wrath and (this) Sphinx 'o the S. Wind both want to wield Loxodon Warhammer to be more alike. One wants trample, the other lifelink.
Posted By: MattLynn (1/20/2014 8:15:50 AM)


@Ruaranicus: You bet, cause he's a big boy now
Posted By: moonmist103 (10/30/2013 8:16:49 PM)


Jeleva, Nekusar, and Thraximundar got way better toys than Oloro, Sharuum, and Sydri did, IMO.

But GRIXIS really relies a lot more heavily on things coming together according to plan than ESPER does. In fact, Grixis I think is not only the *only* deck whose cards can just plain backfire against you, but they can backfire HARD. You Exile or Tuck an important creature you REALLY needed to get your board presence up, and lose it forever because your deck was trying to look for Instants and Sorceries, and it's like giving your opponents Free Time Walk. Legit, every part of a Time Walk: I don't damage them, they damage me, my Nekusar draws them plenty of cards that their Lifegaining deck doesn't really care about having to pay for.

Esper just HAPPENS to have all kinds of neat little Johnny-cute fun combos dispersed here and there in the deck, but what it really E... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (11/8/2013 6:53:50 PM)


as a player who have fought against this thing, all I can say is "sphinx of steel fart, go shove a null rod up your butt", I mean this thing is a nightmare for a jund player, it's practically dragon-proofed and spider-proofed. if you're lucky to have a fat black flier, you'll have to worry about this buttface's girlfriend sydri.
what's more annoying is this thing is nearly impervious to most common cheap removal, doom blade ? nope. ultimate price ? guess again. terminate ? not even close. I seriously want to add a normal murder just to kill it, but it's not worth the switch.
Posted By: tokenmage (12/31/2013 11:47:51 PM)


The two best colors at destroying artifacts, are red and green. Those are very relevant colors of protection for an artifact creature.
Posted By: kiseki (5/6/2014 2:42:45 PM)