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Combine with cards like Warstorm Surge, Pandemonium, Gratuitous Violence, In the Web of War , Confusion in the ranks and Purphoros, God of the Forge. Solid.
Posted By: AtArms (10/29/2013 3:30:50 PM)


The question I usually have to ask is "Out of all of the Tempting Offers, which ones are the best when your opponents choose to turn down your offer?" For that reason, I think Tempt with Vengeance is the best of the cycle.
Posted By: RAV0004 (10/29/2013 11:43:08 PM)


This is great. Even without the offer (which may end up biting you in the butt, to be honest), it is a great variant on cards like Firecat Blitz. Rosheen Meanderer is pleased.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (10/30/2013 8:15:02 AM)


Don't forget Shared Animosity! Or the new Ogre Battledriver!
Is this in the deck that has Gahji, Honored One in it? Because that would make a lot of sense.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/4/2013 3:13:40 PM)


Viable in any format, 1-on-1 or multiplayer.
Posted By: Cyberium (10/30/2013 1:38:58 PM)


so much flavor when other players help you take down the strongest player
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (11/1/2013 8:10:31 PM)


Yeah. Everyone really does have the same plan. Brilliant.
Posted By: SpaceMagic (11/6/2013 9:50:44 PM)


Imo this is definitely the best of the tempt cards-perhaps the only good one. All of the others are, tempting offer excluded, pretty much strictly worse than something else purely in that color (list below)-and tempting offer is, for the most part, a drawback.

However, the closest card I could find to this would be Goblin Offensive, which actually costs 2 more and doesn't give them haste, although goblins are a better supported tribe. There's also Firecat Blitz which has an interesting flashback cost, but it costs 1 more than this and the tokens it makes aren't permanent. This means I could actually see this card replacing those in certain decks, something I don't think I'd do with any of the other tempting offer cards.

In addition, its relatively rare that the tempting offer on this will backfire. Your opponents don't actually defend themselves at all by copying it, since you'll get extra tokens to trade with theirs. The only thing yo... (see all)
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (12/14/2013 7:11:02 AM)



It appears to me that you are missing the point of the Tempting Offer cycle. While it is valid to assess the cards by their minimum possible effect, that is not the only way they end up working. It seems to me that these cards were designed to be used politically in multiplayer games. For example, when casting Tempt With Vengeance, you can turn to another player at the table and tell him that if he accepts the offer, you will not attack him with the Elementals this turn. If he accepts, you might have enough elementals to take out another player at the table, where you didn't previously. Sure, you gave your opponent creatures, but there are any number of ways you can deal with that. Maybe you are holding a Scouring Sands or an Orim's Prayer, or you simply have a high enough life total to take the risk.

Even beyond politics, the cards are designed to be fun, because they can potentially create huge, bo... (see all)
Posted By: manacharged (5/15/2014 10:29:43 PM)


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