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Oh he, an unblockable best-oh. Okay. Six mana. Is card advantage and +1/+1 really worth the 5 over Aqueous Form? Frankly I think he's a better bestow target than an aura.
Posted By: DaLucaray (1/28/2014 6:09:34 PM)


I went to high school with a guy named Flitterstep Eidolon. Son of Doug and Shiela Eidolon. He usually went by his middle name, Catherine.

And the six mana bestow cost is for putting on your redonkulously ginormous monsters in limited.
Posted By: Lazenca_Seifus (1/29/2014 7:33:58 AM)


Why such a Redonkulous Bestow cost?
Posted By: Spartan_X (1/28/2014 11:27:47 PM)


Hey, it's just like Invisible Stalker. Except the hexproof thing.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/29/2014 8:02:06 AM)


definitely built for the body not the bestow - but the bestow is going to be helpful late game and stop it from being a bad late draw. I like it anyways.

It occurs to me to wonder if wizards did something sneaky and there's a corresponding returned for every Eidalon. strangely this reminds me of forlorn pseudamma
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (1/31/2014 1:10:20 PM)


Reminds me of Aether Figment it's a 2 drop 1/1 creature that cant be blocked or you pay 3 more mana and get a better effect.
Posted By: Jaykru (1/28/2014 6:50:00 PM)


I admit that the bestow cost is.. well it's absurd. However, did we really want another Invisible Stalker scenario? Of course not. So hopefully this shows a shift in how WotC is costing both 'unblockability' and hexproof--two of the least fun, most noninteractive keywords there are.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (1/31/2014 9:27:47 AM)


I am always looking for things to go with Ninja. Early game ninja enabler, and then some evasion and a small boost for those last few attacks. Not competitive, but hey.
Posted By: cotf1692 (2/8/2014 6:53:58 PM)


Ugh, I wish they would have made this a one-drop.

It would have been a blue Tormented Soul with the upside of also being a chump blocker and having some decent secondary use in lategame, but at the downside of being an easier target for removal.

As a two-drop, the Bestow cost is just frustratingly high.
Why couldn't they make more than just the rare Bestow creatures constructed-viable?
Of course this would have made them powerful in limited - but not game-breaking.
Posted By: Mode (2/15/2014 5:54:42 AM)


I agree they could have lowered the cost a bit ("Grizzly bears would be so much better if it cost {G}"), but I can't imagine not running this guy in blue-whatever heroic.
"Put on my hero, hit you."
"Sip your hero"
"Put an emissary on this, hit you"

When you bestow this, it's going to take 2 cards for your opponent to atop taking repeatable damage.
When you don't, he's still a great base for stuffs.

But y'know, if Sip was a Doomblade and this was a bear that bestowed for 4, Magic games would certainly be... Well, worse, actually, but they'd be shorter, so overall they'd be more bad for less long, and by my maths that's better...
Posted By: deworde2510 (2/19/2014 12:40:39 AM)


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