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In Limited, this is quite good. A 4/4 flier is nothing to balk at -- in fact, it's often a game-winner. And the alternative is a 1/1 flier and control of your opponent's BEST creature -- and that control is permanent, even when this leaves play. And control is also a form of removal (the best form, some would argue).

Don't let the site of a 1/1 for 5 mana fool you. It will be a great Limited pull. 3/5.
Posted By: ChumleyX (1/29/2014 5:38:51 PM)


C'mon, a 4/4 flyer for 5 is not a bad deal at all, though you can only get it f your opponent has a creature they don't want to give you.
Posted By: Atali (1/29/2014 1:09:30 AM)


Give me your god, or face the wrath of my Air Elemental! Just a terrible card. The other tribute cards have some merit in multiplayer where you can lobby to get the result you want, but I can't see anyone helping a blue mage steal a creature. If this had been costed at 4 it -might- have been playable, being one less than either Air Elemental or Mind Control, with the downside of not being able to pick which. Even then it would be meh.
Posted By: RickT (1/29/2014 8:02:54 AM)


So my opponent gets to pick whether I get Air Elemental or Mind Control? Pass.
Posted By: XepherXero (1/29/2014 12:34:06 PM)


I like it. True, Sower of Temptation is probably better, but this card is an uncommon, and if your opponent don't want you to steal a creature, you get a beefy flier.
Posted By: Tiggurix (1/30/2014 5:54:10 AM)


Last time I checked, Mind Control didn't come with a free 1/1 flying body.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/9/2014 8:43:37 PM)


Thanks Wizards, we absolutely needed a terrible version of Air Elemental...

I like the concept of Tribute (a.k.a. reverse Punisher Cards), but unfortunately most of the cards are terrible.

But both choices need to be something that you'd usually have to pay more for in order to make it worthwhile, since your opponent will chose the lesser evil.

It seems like Wizards occationally forgot about that. In this case, your opponent (not you) can chose between giving you an Air Elemental or Control Magic and a flying 1/1.                  Seriously?

It's a shame, also because Michael Hayes created a (for a Harpy surprisingly pretty) artwork there.
Why couldn't all Tribute cards get the treatment Fanatic of Xenagos got?

This would still have been fair for 2BlueBlue.
Then you can potentially get a beefy flyer at a decent cost, but only if your opponent does... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (2/7/2014 10:24:00 PM)


Why did they have to make the sirens so bad? :(
Posted By: PretzelBraids (1/29/2014 12:30:32 PM)


Olivia Voldaren.

How's she relevant? Well, that's the only situation I can think of off the top of my head where you can convince anyone of not paying tribute and you have to not be playing black and it's a multiplayer game.
Posted By: HotHit (2/2/2014 6:26:18 PM)


Bad design but we can't always have good ones , one less mana to cast or more power would have make it like the white version but this will never steal a creature.
The only thing good it can do it's to trigger ordeal on one attack but on 5ccm creature it's still bad bad bad!
I've juste open two and since it's a flying creature let's see how it flies by the window!
Lucky ones cause it's one of the most windy period ever!
And i'm living on the coast , maybe they'll reache their fooking sea back!
Posted By: MojoVince (2/10/2014 6:09:53 AM)