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It may be too slow to see any play outside commander, but I'll be damned if its not awesome to see a mythic skeleton that looks so cool.

The ability is sweet too. Use cards like Fauna shaman, Buried Alive, Grisly Salvage, or dredge etc etc. to get cards in your graveyard, Sac a Sengir Autocrat and friends to bring 4 guys back. Next turn sac some of your other guys to bring back the autocrat and abuse those etb abilities as much as you want. It even protects itself... in a very bad slow sort of way but thats not the point.

All in all, hes slow, easy to disrupt and not particullarly strong on his own. And I love him to pieces.
Posted By: leingodf8 (1/28/2014 3:15:40 PM)


Been a while since Skeleton decks got a new toy actually worth using, this guy will almost assuredly find his way into many an EDH deck, mine included

4/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (1/28/2014 3:56:45 PM)


What's that? You play EDH?
Jarad, Savra and Karador say hai!
Posted By: Alvorada (2/4/2014 2:51:19 PM)


Very expensive, but dang if those abilities aren't powerful.
Posted By: itsmeyouidiot (1/28/2014 4:54:50 PM)


Exiling never seemed so significant.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/28/2014 6:03:02 PM)


@Tiggurix: I'm not that well versed in Greek Lore, but I believe it's because he was originally meant to be the ferryman who brings souls across the river to the underworld. (I'm fairly certain the art is set on a beach.) They certainly know about the guy anyway, because of the art of Rescue from the Underworld.

Overall, this is exactly what a Mythic should be. Powerful, flavourful, but not to the point that it reaches absurdly high prices. (Looking at you Brimaz and Lotus Cobra)
Posted By: HotHit (2/2/2014 9:37:54 AM)


This card was probably put through the editing table a whole bunch of times, and I believe they got this card down perfectly.

A 6-cost 4/4 is not cost-effective, but it's not absurdly weak (like Gigantomancer). It could've been a 5/5 and it wouldn't have mattered, but any more than that (even a 6/5) would've been a slight bit too much, especially for limited.

The 3BlackBlack, sac Variable Colorless,Tap is easy to stop and will be quite damaging to you if it is stopped. However, if it works, you are generously rewarded. Abilities like this are terrible in Standard, but acceptable in EDH.

Lastly, the 5BlackBlack-cost Volrath's Stronghold ability is a tad bit expensive, but any less than 3BlackBlack would be absurd.

All in all, I am loving this card and loving the fact that Black is getting some reanimation that doesn't reanimate from all graves, but still can reanimate multiple creatures. Reanimator EDH has a large pool of Animate Dead's and L... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (2/2/2014 2:23:56 PM)


Whyyyyy are you not legendary??

Makes almost as little sense as Colossus of Akros not being legendary.
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (1/28/2014 4:13:02 PM)


Self Mill and Dredge in commander is extremely powerful strategy. this card in particular has pseudo-dredge and can trade your hedron crabs and millikins for Lord of the Extinctions and Sewer Nemesis which is game ending.
Posted By: master_biomancer (1/28/2014 3:52:04 PM)


A Mythic Skeleton. And it's still ass.
Posted By: NinStarRune (1/30/2014 2:00:36 PM)


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