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Probably gonna be a lot better in this environment that the previous one.

Some people were confused about the art, the art is a guy turning his hand into a pretend-snake head with fangs.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (1/28/2014 9:25:37 PM)


I love the art on both of these printings.
first the skeleton snake and now Pharika's vulcan nerve pinch.
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (1/29/2014 1:06:45 PM)


Nice effective common kill spell.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/28/2014 7:20:35 PM)


Wasn't so great in Avacyn Restored, but in the land of target and tap your own guys with spells? Pretty sweet, especially considering removal is lacking in Theros.

Like a lot of Born of the Gods instants, this card enables BOTH Heroic and inspired. Because remember, a creature that regenerates is tapped. (I know plenty of people, including myself, who needed at least 7 readings to get regenerate right)
Posted By: HotHit (2/2/2014 5:13:22 PM)


Snake-style kung fu anyone?
Posted By: lordchimera (1/31/2014 4:09:12 AM)


so many uses, some times you just need to get a kill in combat no matter what
Posted By: Quotations (2/9/2014 6:44:44 PM)


A very dangerous piece of removal and anti-removal. Back in AVR, I used to draft and hate-draft this card because it would decide games. It greatly affects pivotal removal and combat steps. You don't even need to combine it with one of the 12 possible first and double strike creatures/sources.

That being said, do remember how regeneration works: If you're planning to kill a creature with First Strike, make sure you have more toughness than their power, because if the striker deals lethal to your creature, your creature can't counter-attack (because when you Regenerate, you remove the creature from combat). I've been on the first strike side of this situation, and I can tell they are exceptionally disappointed when this spell "fizzles".

All in all, it's Limited gold, but mediocre every where else.
Posted By: Ferlord (2/14/2014 9:21:42 PM)


Flat out removal in most case, just be wary of combat tricks that may grant first strike.
Posted By: Purplerooster (2/15/2014 9:14:23 PM)


Cheap, effective, and a good touch to any Heroic or Inspired based deck. Weenie power!
Posted By: CaptainScibra (3/3/2014 10:17:52 PM)


Guys, he's not turning his hand into a snake. He's holding out his hand and a snake is crawling under it from his sleeve. If you look closely, you can see the snake's body underneath his forearm. It did confuse me at first as well, though.
Posted By: Aelvr (3/6/2014 10:53:36 AM)