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All the comments say "This is not Bob".

How do YOU know his name isn't Bob? You hardly know what his name is, and you're all just picking on him for no reason. Just because he looks like the cool Bob?

This is why people turn into necromancers, you know.

You are all awful people.
Posted By: Ferlord (1/28/2014 7:39:52 PM)



It's not hard to get a creature to tap at the end of your opponent's turn. Seriously. Springleaf Drum is in the same set. So is Oracle's Insight. Viridian Longbow? Paradise Mantle? Magic is not fun when there are one-card combos like Bob, and I am glad that this encourages a little thought in its use.
Posted By: Totema (1/30/2014 12:02:26 AM)


So I'm wondering why nobody mentioned thought of running both this and Dark Confidant instead of complaining that it's not the same thing. Then you could have 8 cards that could be functionally the same
Posted By: JexTheShadow (2/8/2014 5:11:33 AM)


I don't understand why people don't love this. Bob is mostly played in Jund, and guess what else is in Jund's colors that taps him down, draws a card, and also gives you a mana dork to boot(and at common, no less)?
Karametra's Favor.
Sure, it's two cards, not one, and you're paying {2}{B}{G} for a Bob, but it gives you one free mana a turn, and Favor replaces itself, so you aren't even down on card advantage. Oh, and also, IT'S IN STANDARD.
In Modern, that combo can be like a second playset of Bob.
This WILL see play in Standard. It will be a very welcome addition to Monoblack Devotion, which lacks in card advantage with all the Detention Spheres exiling all the Underworld Connections, or in {W}{U}{B} or {W}{B} control. Both can stand to include a card advantage machine, and all the life gained from Archangel of Thune and Sphinx's Revelation is just begging to be spent.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (2/11/2014 2:27:13 PM)


As a reasonably new player, it really is annoying to see cards rated and trashed based on one comment.

"This is not >. Thusly it is garbage."

I personally like this card. Mainly because people are pretty much ignoring 'Inspired' abilities, and they will continue to do so until some pro breaks it. Hopefully all the hate drives this card low, I'll take all I can get.
Posted By: DeathScytheCustom (1/29/2014 3:51:51 PM)


You people are un-fu(king-pleaseable! No, this isn't Dark Confidant but isn't that a good thing?? The wizards learned that lesson already, they aren't likely to make that mistake again anytime soon. Instead, they gave us this guy, who, while not exactly being amazing, is still good. Give him some protection, he'll help you out. Give him a Paradise Mantle, he'll help you out. If your opponents let him stay on the board, they will hurt, most likely. This will be standard playable at least, and this will see a lot of play on casual matches for the sake of OMG BUDGET BOB but it will still have a place in a couple of decent decks.

Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong. But you guys are down voting a card that's good, not overpowered, but good on it's own merits.
Posted By: ShatterPalm (1/29/2014 6:20:01 PM)


@mattrva: as long as bob is in modern this guy will not see play in that format. This guy has to attack or requires another card in play. Bob just works. Don't get me wrong, this guy is OK. He will probably find a way into a standard deck but I don't think it will be black devotion. The deck doesn't need it.
Posted By: Moxen (2/2/2014 3:45:20 PM)


Blood Scrivener
Dark Confidant
Pain Seer

...And a whip of erebos? Sounds like a deck.
Posted By: RAV0004 (1/28/2014 10:00:19 PM)


SirLibraryEater: uh did you notice springleaf drum was back with this cause it's better.
By the way i love the fact that you want to abuse him till it bleeds you to death.
More cards more cards till no drip of blood.
Posted By: MojoVince (2/11/2014 3:46:07 PM)


Here's a by-the-numbers comparison of Bob and Slow Bob:

1B Mana Cost
2/1 Body
Card faux-draw every upkeep

Slow Bob:
1B Mana Cost
2/2 Body
Conditional faux-card draw, usually every upkeep* after the first.

*Recall Rule 502.3 that all triggers that would happen during the untap step are held until the next time a player receives priority... usually the upkeep

So the difference is that Bob provides mostly free guaranteed card draw every turn, while Slow Bob is slightly more resilient and you have more control over the cards you draw with him, at the cost of risking card advantage (explained later).

Since Legacy and Standard/Modern are very different animals, let us examine Slow Bob in them separately:

As explained in other posts, Springleaf Drum is the way to go for accelerating mono-black devotion's strategy, providing both card draw and mana acceleration... (see all)
Posted By: strider24seven (4/20/2014 10:19:29 AM)


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