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Quite bland for a mythic, I'll not be overly pleased to pull this one, but perhaps it'll make good trade fodder.
Posted By: Atali (1/29/2014 2:06:55 AM)


Fits very nicely in the monored curve with:
Turn 3: Chandra's Phoenix
Turn 4: This thing
Turn 5: Stormbreath Dragon
Posted By: subatomiccoffee (1/28/2014 3:50:34 PM)


Most likely a Rathi Dragon without drawbacks.
Posted By: chainsmoker (1/28/2014 10:56:06 PM)


A tip: Play tribute cards for the worst possible scenario. I believe most commonly the opponent will let this be a 5/5 and kill it, so put it in your deck believing this will be the case. Of course, there will be instances where your opponent has, let's say, a 4/4 flier that can block this all day. Then it will likely be a 3/3 every time. But the fact that it comes back to your hand (and you can burn for the last points of damage if blocked) makes it awesome. Great card 4/5
Posted By: Blind_At_Heart (1/28/2014 6:07:05 PM)


I'm looking forward to how she does. Might be one of the sleeper hits of the set. Or just another jank mythic...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (1/28/2014 4:39:30 PM)


Meh for a mythic, but it's still nice value either way.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/29/2014 8:00:08 AM)


This Phoenix is excellent can either come in with haste and genuine Phoenixy immortality or as huge fatty flyer!

This card is so anti-hyped, pick up your playset now before people get their brains in gear.

@subatomicoffee - Works in Grull and Jund too!

Posted By: Schuesseled (1/28/2014 3:52:25 PM)


I may have overlooked this card a bit at first, but this looks like it fits between rare and mythic. I guess Wizards decided to play it safe. However, there are few other cards in the set that I would enjoy having over this in my Limited pool.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (1/29/2014 10:26:01 PM)


While not the best tribute card and hardly "Mythic" feeling, a 5/5 flyer for 4 makes for a decent finisher in monored.

Posted By: PopcornBunni (2/16/2014 8:16:03 PM)


Pulled this in the pre-release. For some reason every person i went against chose not to pay tribute. (However I obviously couldn't read and didn't realise it had haste, whoopsie.)
Posted By: Nxmee (2/1/2014 10:32:35 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!