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Inspired + Haste = Elegant

Still, Inspired doesn't bode well on anything with one toughness.
Posted By: DaLucaray (1/28/2014 5:00:41 PM)


That first dose of inspiration is realized pretty reliably, successive bouts of insight not so much.
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (1/28/2014 5:59:28 PM)


really wish he was a 3/1..
Posted By: Sweater (1/30/2014 10:46:33 PM)


REALLY wants evasion. Draft it alongside Aqueous Form maybe?
Posted By: TPmanW (2/1/2014 7:47:34 PM)


Uh... wow. I could see this thing being great in constructed. If you can land it through all the countermagic, it can make an army and force your opponent to use their boardwipe, allowing you to safely drop your other creatures.

Against other decks, it'll probably get blocked and killed, though. Still good if you can get it to work.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (2/4/2014 12:13:29 AM)


I see Rakka mar has been doing some teaching here.
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (1/29/2014 1:39:12 PM)


One of my favorite cards of the set, this coming from a typically blue player. Hastey tokens puts a hamper on prep-time, and he's one of the better drummers in the band.
Posted By: PopcornBunni (2/11/2014 6:34:44 PM)


Nick Smith, the Satyr? Yeah, I know him. Great at clearing fields, fantastic barbecue, couldn't shoe a horse to save his life.
Posted By: Vogie (2/7/2014 9:51:12 AM)


Maze of Ith ?
Posted By: somegeek (2/20/2014 12:01:44 AM)


Nyx Smith is RDW tech against the current Esper and other W/U control decks. Switch it in for boros reckoner, a card that is bad against control decks.

Now you cast what you want to cast, as usual, Firedrinker Satyr into Burning-Tree Emissary, into Gore-House Chainwalker into maybe a turn three Ash Zealot.
Now you have 7 power on the board, with Firedrinker Satyr negating a plus one Jace, Architect of Thought. The control player will three for one you with Supreme Verdict.
Now, cast Nyx Smith. If the Nyx smith survives, it will start to give you back a board presence without you actually spending cards to do that.

If you're splashing white, (what you definitely should, because Chained to the rocks is necessary against Desecration Demon,) you can even protect the nyx smith with a lategame Boros Charm.
Posted By: TexasDice (4/13/2014 6:04:10 AM)