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Hell, I would just play a 2/2 haste for 3 in Limited. This works so well with Flamespeaker Adept that I might cry.
Posted By: Continue (1/28/2014 4:06:47 PM)


I'm gonna scry me a river... Apparently made out of lightning.
Posted By: HotHit (2/2/2014 6:33:23 PM)


Flamespeaker Adept's gal pal. Anyone else notice these gals resemble bellydancers?
Posted By: Manite (2/6/2014 9:23:15 PM)


IF nothing else, this turns Flamespeaker Adept into a water breathing first striker. And with infinite mana, which isn't impossible to do, your drawing becomes tutoring. This is a card I will love to play.
Posted By: Megadog (1/30/2014 10:05:16 PM)


Dat ass. And ability.

Completely agree with anotherfan321, scry was something I initially thought was only a slightly useful filler mechanic, but after slowly accumulating quite a bit of scy in my UR spell deck, I quickly discovered how lovely and powerful it can really be. It can be the difference between winning and losing.
Posted By: FarisV (1/29/2014 8:51:58 PM)


U/R is looking better and better to draft.
Posted By: redjujufish (1/28/2014 3:51:37 PM)


Theros spent the entire set teaching me to value Scry 1 as though it is made of gold, and then they print this. This is like stacking your deck in limited!
Posted By: anotherfan321 (1/28/2014 9:56:08 PM)


We cannot go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the fight, Prayers to Keranos
So we put our hands up, there's no ceiling to hold us
There's no ceiling to hold us
Posted By: Vogie (1/30/2014 6:33:18 AM)


Not a bad card. And the art is hot as hell!
Posted By: MasterOfTheVault (1/28/2014 7:40:14 PM)


Favourite limited card by far. Early game, 3 mana 2/2 haste is awesome, but the Scry ability really rewards you for playing this with blue mana in your deck. In the late game, being able to dig through your deck for your bomb, ready to draw next turn, is very powerful. Awesome card.
Posted By: Sonserf369 (3/6/2014 9:58:05 PM)