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I think that's the first smiling vedalken ever printed on a Magic card.
Posted By: Manite (2/25/2014 9:23:37 PM)


Reprinted for Golgari yet again. Can't say the new art is quite as bold as the old one, but it certainly evokes a far more menacing feeling now that we can see just how big, gross, and sinister this guy is.
Posted By: N03y3D33R (2/25/2014 8:24:30 PM)


Putrid Leech is telling dirty jokes... Vedalken girl LOL'ed...
Posted By: BlakeHN (2/26/2014 5:21:28 PM)


It is cool to see noncombat situations depicted in art. Especially vedalken. Weird to see Azorius guys just chilling though.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (2/25/2014 5:31:34 PM)


"Hey, sup guys? Can I chill with you? No? Okay, well, I was hungry anyways..."
Posted By: Shieldman (2/26/2014 6:06:14 AM)


I like this art. I loved the old leech, but it's art was... odd.
Posted By: MrMonday (2/25/2014 5:37:07 PM)


Joyous afternoon, almost didn't see the Leech.
Posted By: Cyberium (2/25/2014 4:55:10 PM)


Not a fan of this art. The creature should always be the focus of its art. Here the leech is in the background, and far less clearly lighted than the people it's attacking.
Posted By: SnesController (2/25/2014 5:08:15 PM)


this is a cool, good card--- only thing that beefs me is that it's the only one in Vraska's deck I'm interested in. :/
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/26/2014 9:32:33 AM)


Actually SnesController, I kind of like that the Leech is hidden like that in the art there. It really evokes the whole "lurking danger" feeling that Vraska is supposed to embody. The artwork for Juvenile Gloomwidow kind of brings about a similar feeling, I think.

The card itself is very powerful once you realize how precious Jace's lifetotal is going to be compared to Vraska's. While Vraska has a few ways of gaining life back, Jace has none, so paying 2 life to deal 4 points of damage is usually going to be an excellent decision.

Don't forget that the Leech is part black, so it'll help Shadow Alley Denizen sneak another of your creatures through for some pseudo-unblockable damage. And since buffing the Leech costs no mana, you'll be able to tap out to use Rogue's Passage on it pretty easily.

Seriously, Jace is going to be on a short clock with this guy around.
Posted By: Ataraxiom (2/27/2014 5:24:50 PM)