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I won't argue that it's pretty bad, but at least it's better than jump...

Also it can be pretty good in a heroic deck, although Aqueous Form is probably better, even if it doesn't have the strive on it.
Posted By: BolasEvilPlan (4/25/2014 12:16:50 AM)


"Men, we haven't practiced this yet, but this is the AERIAL FORMATION. It sounds complicated, but it basically just our regular formation... but we're in the air. That's it. Don't look down"
Posted By: Vogie (4/25/2014 5:06:43 AM)


Haha another great expression from Journey into Nyx. Now the monster looks like it just came out of the shower

"EEEEK! You cads!"
Posted By: leingodf8 (4/25/2014 9:58:38 AM)


This art's a bit silly to me. Guess that guy didn't plan on them reaching him given that they were all the way over there.
Posted By: anotherfan321 (4/24/2014 5:30:49 PM)


4BlueBlueBlue: Win target limited game.
Posted By: Continue (4/24/2014 3:16:11 PM)


haha WHAT this is the worst magic card art in so long, it makes me cringe just looking at this hilarious abomination...
Posted By: Fenix. (4/26/2014 3:17:56 AM)


Lopsided cost is lopsided.
Posted By: DaLucaray (4/24/2014 4:53:22 PM)


+1/+1 and flying can be a gamechanging buff. Make one of your own guys much harder to block or make it so you can block an enemy flyer. That +1/+1 can help your creature survive combat too, so it's pretty versatile. Like most of the Strive cards I've seen, the Strive cost seems a bit mana costly, but Kruphix, God of Horizons is in this set, so that could have some synergy. But I'm not a big fan of mono-blue, I don't think they would have a creature large enough to make this useful. It's okay.
Posted By: SlushyJones (4/26/2014 9:44:49 PM)


I don't like Strive because, like Bestow, it doesn't leave room for flavour text.

"Follow me, men! Forwards... AND UP!"
Posted By: BorosGreengrocer (4/30/2014 4:24:09 AM)


At least its not jump. The strive cost is just terribad though, exclusive to limited play.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/7/2014 9:39:58 AM)