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Probably the second best playable God in power(after Thassa)
Easily the best God in terms of flavor.

If your opponent doesn't pay the toll your creatures won't cross the river to the underworld.
Posted By: New_Flesh (4/25/2014 8:00:00 PM)


Cool, he's left-handed.
Posted By: BorosGreengrocer (4/30/2014 4:27:31 AM)


So I guess he's the MTG version of Charon?

Imagine this thing + any mass removal. Evil. Absolutely evil.
Posted By: Arachnos (5/1/2014 7:20:01 AM)


I can't understand why people aren't rating this card higher. Paying 3 life is big, especially in the colors of Orzhov. the midgame and the long game are what's working for this god. You can pay the 3 life in the early game but in the late game when your life total is already 10 or less, you simply can't afford to let them have the additional card advantage. Yes, I said card advantage, because now all the time and effort you have put into blocking and killing their creatures is nullified when they get the creatures back to their hand. to put it simply they are drawing the creature spells and you aren't. I compare this card to Sword of Light and Shadow That card was playable and it returned a creature to your hand and gained 3 life. While the effect is similar but its essentially the same, you are 3 life up on your opponent who has lost 3 life.
Posted By: vantha (5/6/2014 4:53:05 AM)


Not going to be the powerhouse people are predicting it to be, mark my words.
Posted By: TheJord01 (4/24/2014 3:34:20 PM)


Echo creatures, Evoke creatures, to name a few. Let's see how willing your opponent would let you return those to your hand.

By the way, Kami of False Hope...
Posted By: Cyberium (4/24/2014 7:21:28 PM)


Athreos, God of The Bass
Posted By: Ferlord (4/28/2014 7:44:37 PM)


@TheWallinator74: It probably has more to do with Xenagod being more of a jerkass.

This card is very good against control.
Posted By: sweetgab (4/24/2014 9:41:30 PM)


In a world where aggro decks now cast Supreme Verdict....
Posted By: Purplerooster (4/24/2014 2:39:30 PM)


Now all we need is something OTHER than Gauntlets of Chaos to give your opponent an Ivory Mask or True Believer.

Well, yes, there's Donate and its ilk. But I'm trying to think of something that Commander Athreos could use.

EDIT: And now I find that even the Gauntlets won't work with Ivory Mask, since they can only swap artifacts, lands, and creatures...True Believer, yes, but...(sigh) This tactic is going to get consigned to the likes of Oloro and Sydri, isn't it?
Posted By: SkyknightXi (4/24/2014 10:21:20 PM)